• *Please feel free to contact me at 215-944-2024 or arianne.anstotz@crsd.org with any questions about classroom guidance lessons at RHE.*


    September 2020: Cyberbullying (Grades K-6)

    I will be visiting each virtual classroom during the first three weeks of school to talk to students about cyberbullying and creating a caring community (at Rolling Hills and beyond)! This is a district-wide classroom guidance lesson for students in grades K-12, adapted to be developmentally appropriate for students at all grade levels. 

    The goals of the lesson are: 

    • Students will develop digital citizenship skills in the areas of etiquette and virtual expectations.

    • Students will be able to define cyberbullying and give examples.

    • Students will be able to discuss ways to stand up to cyberbullying.

    • Students will be aware of Council Rock policies related to Cyberbullying and Harassment.

    • Students will be able to model positive online behavior.