What is Golden Wings?

  • The Golden Wings Theatre Company (GWTC) is the drama organization of Council Rock High School South.  GWTC is an off-shoot of Council Rock’s theatre club, Sock ‘N’ Buskin, which was founded in 1967 under the direction of Mr. David R. Harris. At that time, about thirty students with an intense interest and excitement about theatre began to produce plays at CRHS (now known as CRHS North). In 2002, when Council Rock High School split (North and South), the Golden Wings Theatre Company was established at South. 

    Within GWTC we believe that the theatre provides a rich and rewarding experience for those students who are willing to dedicate themselves to it.  The theatre will test the limits of the students’ abilities, not only as actors and technicians, but also as young adults who must commit themselves to a production and its cast and crew.  It teaches important lessons about dedication, meeting deadlines, and working with others.  It will also teach how to deal with disappointment and rejection since, realistically, not everyone can be on stage (and backstage) every time. It allows the students to go through fun-filled, exciting experiences together with their new theatre family. Some of the best memories and best friends each student will have from his/her high school experience will be from the Golden Wings Theatre Company. Theatre changes them!

    We are a completely student run organization that believes in the power of learning through experience. Our club typically puts on three mainstage productions each year, ranging from musicals, to tragedies, to straight plays. There are tons of different ways to get involved, and no matter what aspect of Golden Wings you choose to take part in, you will be a part of what we proudly call "the most dysfunctional family you'll ever be a part of".