• Walkers

    Please discuss all things "safety" with your children. These discussions should include your family's plan at dismissal - walk straight home, go to a neighbor/babysitter, check-in on the phone, etc. It would also be helpful to discuss the topic of "stranger danger."


    • Please do not park in the service lot, bus loop, or staff parking lot. If you would like to pick up your child in a car, please pick up your child in the car rider line.
    • Beginning at 8:50, walkers can enter the building in the back of the school. There will not be a staff member outside until 8:50.
    • Students are required to be in the building by 9:10.
    • At dismissal, the walkers will also leave the building in the back of the school as indicated on the map.
    • Students will walk to school and home on the sidewalk next to Old Jordan Road.
    • Walkers should remain on the sidewalks at all times.
    • Students should only cross Middle Holland and Old Jordan Roads at the crosswalks with the crossing guards.
    • The crossing guard for Tapestry will be at the corner of Middle Holland Road and Justice Drive.
    • There is a bike rack near the bus loop for student use.
    • Due to the number of walkers, bike riders need to walk their bikes on the sidewalk until they cross the roads into Tapestry and Village Shires.
    • At the end of the day, parents can wait for their children on the sidewalk under the overhang.

    Service/Maintenance/Delivery Lot

    In the past, we had parents park in this area. Parents would pick up their children and drive home. Parents and family members are not permitted to park in this lot. Because of our new sidewalk, students and families will be walking directly across the entrance of this service. It will be an unsafe situation for all if parents are trying to exit this lot as students are walking home.

    AM Kindergarten Dismissal and PM Kindergarten Arrival

    For those students who are car riders, parents will pick-up and drop-off students at the main entrance following the yellow car rider arrows. Kindergarten walkers will exit at this location as well.