Covid, practice, general information for 2020-2021

  • Practice procedure- Worthen's groups

    Practice will start when you are ready to practice.  There will not be a set time.

     1. Wear a mask

    2.  Sign in.  If you checked your name off I'm assuming you are not feeling symptoms of Covid.  Use hand sanitizer.

    3.  Jog 1 lap, go though the listed dynamic drill routine, stretch on your own or with up to 5 others who are in your group.  

    4.  Read the workout.  START practice.  Always finish with a cool down lap.

    If there is a heavy rain, wind chill, heavy snow or other weather event, I will send a text to the following girls by 1:00 to cancel practice.  Make sure they have your contact information.

      Remi Acord - HJ, LJ, TJ's

      Siniru Iheoma - Throws

      Mackensie Blatz - Sprints/ hurdles

      Ava Camarero - PV


    Coach Thornton  - will discuss her practice procedure and requirements with her athletes.


    General Information:  

       Come to practice everyday with a mask.  Wear it when you are not working out.

       Go home after you finish practice.  You should be done in !:00 - 1:15.  While waiting for your ride please wear you mask and social distance.

       If you don't feel well or have signs of Covid, don't come to practice.

       Team meetings will be rare.  See the table for daily announcements.

       Wear layers including windbreakers, hats and gloves.

       The locker rooms are closed until further notice.


    Stay very far away from Worthen, always

    Social distance at least 6'

    Do not share water or clothes

    Do not shake hands, fist bumps, hug or elbow rub.

    Bring a mask to practice everyday.

    If you catch Covid you may not return to practice without approval from your physician.

    Symptoms of Covid - Don't come to practice

       Fever, chills 100.4 or higher

       Shortness of breath


       Body/muscle aches


       Recent loss of taste or smell

       Sore throat

       Congestion or runny nose

       Nausea or vomiting



    The Athltetic Team Room

    This year the room is restricted for emergency type problems.  Scott is limiting the room to 2 at a time.  If you need attention, read his guidlines and discuss with Scott what you should do.



    Please arrive 15 minutes before bus departure.  Girls should line up in the hallway of the weight room,  Scott Lisher,our trainer, will screen for Covid symptoms,

    There will be no formal DVGTA meets like in years past.  

    We hope to compete in "Polar Bear Meets" during the season as well as time trials and Postal meets.   These meets will be local with very specific entry rules to follow.  


    NFHS - National Federation of High School Track and Field Recommendation and soon required rules

    HJ/PV  Clean the pit after each jump or each athletes brings his own tarp.  Retape pole after each use if it will be shared.

    Sprints - Meet competition is every other lane. Blocks cleaned after each use. 

    Throws -  Implement cleaned after each use or athletes use their own implement if approved. 

    All athletes should have their clothes cleaned after each practice or meet.