UPDATE: December 10, 2021

    Dear CR Community:

    As you may be aware, our community at large has been experiencing significant supply chain issues in multiple areas. Most recently, this issue has impacted our school community in the area of School Food Service. There have been occasional impromptu substitutions for school lunch menu items from time to time, and we appreciate your understanding in this regard.  Due to circumstances beyond our control, we have noticed that these changes have become more frequent.  As a result of these challenges, we anticipate continued ‘on-the-fly’ changes in available food menu items. 

    We understand how frustrating this situation is, and we are working with our Food Service Management Company (Chartwells) to address this problem as best we can.  Knowing that there are challenges within the national supply chain makes the problem more difficult to navigate, but it does not reduce the impact on your daily lives as you plan your students’ meal choices for the week.  We recognize this impact and apologize for the inconveniences that these delays and changes may cause. 

    We will make every attempt to notify our community of changes to food menu items with as much advance notice as possible, and we will continue to keep you informed as we work to solve this issue. 

    Sincerely yours,


    Mr. Jason B. Harris

    Director of Business Administration


Last Modified on December 10, 2021