• Program Planning Information

    NSD High School Courses - Secondary Grades 6-12 - Nampa School District

    Course Selection: General Procedures and Required Tasks:

    January: Teacher/Student Conferences; (January 9th- January 24th 2023) During this time, teachers will discuss recommendations for next year with students and place recommendations for each student in HAC. Be proactive in your discussions with teachers!

    January 26th - March 3rd: Counselor/Student Conferences:  

    Students will be invited to sign up for a counselor conference via Calendly by grade level. The Calendly link will be released on my Maccarella Canvas Class homepage. I will send you a Remind message as well, prompting you to sign up! Conference specifics will be contained in the Calendly. If you miss your appointment, you will need to sign up for another time, as space allows.

    Snow Day Instructions: If we have an async or sync snow day on the day of your meeting, please use this link or the one located on my canvas home page to attend your meeting virtually instead. If we have a true snow day, you will need to reschedule using the Calendly.

    Pre-Conference Student Checklist:  Students must complete tasks listed below, prior to signing up for a conference.

    • Please request and discuss with your teacher the most rigorous course you are considering, as you can only request courses for which you have been recommended.  If it is determined at our conference that your overall course selection is too rigorous, you can always select a less rigorous course, without teacher approval; however, you cannot do the opposite! Requiring new/additional teacher recommendations has the potential to slow down the selection process. I will assist you in balancing your overall course load when we meet!

    •  Review your teacher recommendations with your parents prior to scheduling your conference with your counselor. If you or your parents have any questions about your recommendations, contact your teacher prior to your counselor conference. You will receive a copy of your course recommendations in homeroom.
    • Please choose three alternate day electives prior to your conference. Please be certain you are interested in taking all choices equally, as there is no guarantee that you will get them in any particular priority order. 

    • 10th and 11th graders only: If you are planning on requesting Critical Viewing, fill out the required form and have it completed and bring it to your counselor course selection conference. See link to form in the resource list found below.

    • 11th graders only: If you are planning on requesting Accelerated Senior Seminar, fill out the required form and have it completed and bring it to your counselor course selection conference. See link to form in the resource list found below.
  • Parent/Student Override Procedures:

    Override forms are not distributed during course selection time.  Please discuss with your teacher the necessary requirements to earn a recommendation for the higher level class, then work hard during the 3rd marking period to demonstrate the necessary requirements.

    At the end of the third marking period, return to your teacher to discuss their recommendation.  If the teacher intends to change his/her recommendation, he/she will fill out a Teacher Recommended Course Change form, of which you and I will get a copy. Once you return the signed form to me, I will make the change to your course requests. I will send you a confirmation (or at that point, you will likely be able to check for updates on HAC under schedule/classes.)

    If at the end of the third marking period your teacher cannot recommend you for a higher level course, you have the option to override. Please make an appointment with me to obtain the Parent/Student Override form. You must have it signed and returned PRIOR TO April 29th!!!

Last Modified on March 7, 2023