For your convenience, this page contains some common questions asked of our registrar. If you have a question that is not listed here, please email the Central Registration at registration@crsd.org or call us at 215-944-1091. We are available from 8 am- 4 pm Monday through Friday.

    How do I register my student?
    The Council Rock School District requests you begin the process by visiting the Student Registration portal on our website. Please review and collect the items listed for registration before beginning the form. Fill the form out completely and upload the requested documents and click submit once you have completed this. One of our representatives will review your registration and will notify you with instructions to finalize the registration process.

    How long does the in-person appointment take?
    Generally, 15-30 minutes. We ask you to arrive on time and cancel any appointments you are unable to keep with us.
    *Currently we are completing our registration virtually- so there aren’t appointments being scheduled. If you would like a phone or video conference, we will be happy to provide that for you to answer any additional questions.

    Where is the Chancellor Center Administration Building?

    map that shows location of Chancellor Center

    I already have older children attending CRSD. Do I still need to provide the registration information and proof of residency?
    Yes. For every new student registered to attend at CRSD, a parent/ guardian must complete a registration and provide all required proofs and documents.

    What is the deadline to register?
    To guarantee a spot in your student’s sending school that correlates with your neighborhood you must have your registration in by June 1st.
    CRSD is a public school with no registration deadline and will enroll students who reside in CRSD boundaries all year if they meet the registration requirements but if we do not have space in your sending school, we may have to place you in a sister school.

    When is the first day of school (2021-2022)?
    Please view our 2021-2022 calendar HERE

    I don’t have a scanner to upload documents- How do I complete the registration?
    Make a note on your registration that you will email them to registration@CRSD.org or use the tool provided on our website to use your smart phone. Typical problems that guardians run into when registering are the following: file size is too large (must be under 3 MB) or works best in Chrome browser from a PC rather than a mobile device.

    I will be moving to the area soon and do not have the required proofs of residency, what options do I have?
    Please email the registration department at registration@CRSD.org to ask how to request a pre-registration letter.

    What are some examples of proofs of the residency I would need to provide?

    • Internal Revenue Statemen
    • Notarized Lease
    • Driver's License
    • Voter Registration Car
    • Property Deed
    • Insurance Statemen
    • Bank Statement
    • Welfare Car
    • Vehicle Registration Card
    • Utility Activation Statement
    • Utility Billing Statement
    • Employer Letter on Letterhead (if nor self-employed)

    Do I need to bring my child to the registration appointment?
    No. Your child is not required at the appointment

    Do I need to re-enroll my student every year?
    While your student is active you do NOT need to re-register your student every year.

    How do I register a child who has previously been enrolled in Council Rock?
    Students who have been out of the district for more than 10 days must complete the registration process just the same as a new student

    Will I need to contact Transportation Department to set up busing for my child?
    Transportation will be notified that your student has been enrolled. If you have a specific question, please reach out to them directly transportation@CRSD.org.

    What are the hours of school?

  • Do I need to request my child’s records from the previous school to register?
    We will request the record after you sign a records release form at the end of the registration process.

    What if I move from one address to another within the District?
    You must complete and turn in your Change of Address form, provide 4 proofs of residency, and provide identification. Both birth parents are required to sign and provide a photo ID if custody is shared. This form is found on the CRSD website in the Central Registration tab.

    How can I tell which elementary school serves my address?
    Please type your address into our Cropper map HERE.

    What is the required age for entrance into kindergarten?
    The student must be 5 years old on or before September 1st of the respective school year to be admitted into kindergarten

    Does Council Rock have a full-day kindergarten option?
    CRSD offers a half-day kindergarten program. Our AM session is 9:10–11:45 and the PM session is 1:05-3:40.

    May I request an AM or PM session for kindergarten?
    Yes, during the registration process you will be able to fill out a kindergarten AM/ PM request form. The Central Registration department doesn’t place students. The session assignments are determined at the school level.

    Does Council Rock School District offer a kindergarten enrichment program?
    Yes. We partner with the Champions program. More information about their programs can be found HERE. They typically begin their registration on April 1st for their extended day kindergarten.

    I would like my student to start First Grade and they will not be 6 years old by September 1st of this year.

    See our district policy HERE

    Do I need to provide an immunization record at the time of registration?
    Yes. All students must show proof of immunizations at the time of REGISTRATION

    Do my children need to have a physical or dental exam to register?
    Copies of the most recent physical and dental exams are highly encouraged at the time of registration to ensure the health and safety of your child. Exams must be received by the beginning of the current school year. If your child has any medical concerns, please contact the building nurse directly.

    My child has medical needs, how will this be handled at the school?
    Please connect with your student’s health office for more information regarding your specific student’s needs.