• Top 10 Things to Know about Mrs. Lange!

     10. I love to travel and explore new places.



     9. Hiking and biking are two of my favorite outdoor activities.

    NH Hiking


    8. This summer I spent a lot of time with my family enjoying our pool. 



     7. I graduated from Penn State. Go Nittany Lions! 



     6. I completed my student teaching in England and had an amazing experience (quite a bunch of years ago!).



     5. I enjoy baking and decorating cupcakes, cakes, and cookies. Eating the treats with others is my favorite part! I especially love anything made with chocolate!

    cupcake1cupcake cake


     4. I have a passion for using technology with my students.



     3. I love animals and especially adore our dog named Gus and our cat named Ty.



     2. My family is so important to me! I took a few years off from teaching to be home with them. My daughter Paige is 8 and will be going into third grade. My son Brayden is 6, and he will be going into first grade this year. 



     1. This is my second year teaching second grade! Before that, I taught third, fourth, and sixth grade at Goodnoe. I am so excited to work in second grade again! I think SECOND GRADERS ARE THE BEST!