• CRN Women’s Soccer Program 2023 Information

    IMPORTANT No player can tryout until they have submitted their physical paperwork and completed the concussion testing.  

    The 2023 fall season begins on Monday August 14th. The tryout week will consist of morning and evening sessions (8-9 in total) designed to help us evaluate each player. The tryout week will incorporate at least one of the fitness tests outlined in the fitness packet.

    During tryouts players will be evaluated on the following criteria:

    • Technical skill and consistency
    • Tactical awareness in possession and out of possession
    • Decision making & speed of play
    • Work rate and desire to compete
    • Team work and communication skills

    Of the evaluation criteria, technical consistency will be most important, followed by tactical awareness and decision-making skills. While outstanding physical attributes and athleticism are useful the ability to play the game is just as important. Rosters will be selected by using a combination of the evaluation criteria, fitness test scores and specific needs of the team. Rosters will be published on Friday 8/18

    The goal of the program is to develop each individual player while also being competitive. Our aim is to include as many players as we can on the rosters, but it is possible that cuts will need to be made. There are two main factors for why players do not make a roster. 1) It is in the best interest or safety of the individual player, or; 2) when the total number of players has a negative impact on the development of the overall group.

    The high school soccer season is long and it may be necessary for players to move between the JV and Varsity team rosters. This is done to benefit the individual and to help the teams in the program. When accepting a roster spot on the Varsity or JV teams, a player agrees to work towards the overall success of the program.

    An integral part of playing sports and life is learning the skill of self-advocacy. It is our strong belief that high school students need to learn to resolve situations and to work through problems on their own. To that end, if your daughter has an issue or concern, the coaching staff will speak with them first to try and resolve it. Most times, the situation can be easily resolved between player & coach. For instance, questions about playing time, position, role within the team, or areas of improvement should always be player/coach interaction.

    We will include the parent if there is a serious concern or the issue cannot be resolved in a reasonable time. We will arrange a time to meet with you. Please understand that approaching the coaching staff pre or post practice/game unannounced is not productive and your request to have a conversation will be respectfully denied.

    We recognize that it would be impossible to run this program without the support of the parents and we know that you only desire the best experience for your daughter. We are always looking for help coordinating our events and supporting the ongoing activities of the program. Please contact the coaches if you are able to volunteer to help.

    Thank you for your support of the program and the school. We are looking forward to having a great season!