• Updated 4/19/2021

    If you would like to opt out of any examination for a refund, please submit the below AP Cancellation Form to the guidance secretary, Caitlin Somers:  Csomers@crsd.org   

    AP Exam Cancellation Form


    Important Steps for AP Test Takers:

    Prepare your laptop/computer for your upcoming digital exam by downloading the 2021 AP Testing Application from the Collegeboard.  Below is a link to instructions from the collegeboard.  Please see your teacher ASAP if you need help.


    Digital Exam Information:

    • Digital exams must be done on a school issued chromebook or a personal PC or MAC.   
    • Ipads/IPhones and personal chromebooks cannot be used
    • If a student is scheduled for a digital examination and has either technological or testing environment needs, please contact your counselor as soon as possible.


    2021 Testing Schedule

    Monday, May 3rd (In-School, Paper and Pencil)

    • 12:00 Physics Mechanics
    • 2:00 Physics E/M

    Tuesday, May 4th (In-School, Paper and Pencil)

    • 8:00 Calculus AB and BC
    • 12:00 German Language

    Friday, May 7th (In-School, Paper and Pencil)

    • 8:00 Chemistry

    Monday, May 10th (In-School, Paper and Pencil)

    • 8:00 French Language

    Tuesday, May 11th (In-School, Paper and Pencil)

    • 8:00 Spanish Language

    Wednesday, May 12th (In-School, Paper and Pencil)

    • 12:00 Music Theory

    Friday, May 14th (In-School, Paper and Pencil)

    • 8:00 Biology
    • 12:00 Environmental Science

    Monday, May 17th (In-School, Paper and Pencil)

    • 12:00 Statistics

    Tuesday, May 18th (At Home, Digital)

    • 12:00 English Literature
    • 4:00 Computer Science A

    Wednesday, May 19th (At Home, Digital)

    • 12:00 European History
    • 12:00 US History
    • 4:00 Art History

    Thursday, May 20th (At Home, Digital)

    • 12:00 World History
    • 12:00 U.S. Government
    • 4:00 Psychology

    Wednesday, May 26th (At Home, Digital)

    • 12:00 English Language
    • 4:00 Computer Science Principles

    Monday, June 7th (At Home, Digital)

    • 4:00 Computer Science Principles
      • For Seniors attending the Senior Trip