Freshman Year


    • Individual meetings with counselor in the early fall to introduce ourselves, collect information, and discuss post-secondary plans.  Students are encouraged to begin researching careers and talking to their parents about interests and goals. 


    • Students are encouraged to explore clubs and activities in and outside of school that will offer them the chance to develop their unique interests and abilities as well as leadership skills.


    • Meet with students individually during course selection.  The discussion involves post-secondary plans and interests in careers in order to help pick courses.


    • Information regarding vocational-technical programs offered at Middle Bucks Institute of Technology is available for students and parents.


    • Individual meetings with the student and parent to complete a four-year planning guide.  During this meeting, information is discussed and disseminated regarding career pathways and how our courses fit into those career pathways.  This discussion is important so students can easily see the courses that we offer that meet their interests.


    • Continue to meet with students as needed to address their post-secondary plans.


    • Encourage the students to attend the Council Rock College Fair.



    Sophomore Year


    • With the counselor, tudents are introduced to Naviance, a counseling tool to help guide students with their post-secondary plans.  Within the program, students complete Do What You Are, an innovative Personality Type assessment system that provides counselors with a wealth of information about the student and students with insights about themselves.  The results help the students focus on who they are and what educational and career path is best for them.


    • Students are encouraged to research careers and if confused, to meet with the counselor to consider completing an additional Career Interest Inventory.


    • Individual meetings with the student during course selection to pick courses most appropriate for the student’s post-secondary plans.  Again, during these meetings students are encouraged to get involved with activities outside of the classroom. 


    • Information regarding vocational-technical programs offered at Middle Bucks Institute of Technology is available for students and parents.


    • Encourage student participation at the Council Rock School District College Fair.


    • Summer Program information is made available to students.


    Junior Year


    • Encourage students to take the PSAT if post-secondary plans include college.


    • Encourage students to attend individual college visitations offered at the high school in the fall to talk to college admission representatives and gather information.


    • Small group meetings with the counselor to discuss the college search and application process.  A wealth information is disseminated and students are encouraged to read it and share it with their parents.
    • Encourage students to take the ASVAB.


    • During course selection, post-secondary goals are considered and discussed when choosing senior year courses.  Students are encouraged to research colleges and careers.


    • Sample resumes are available on website.  Students are encouraged to create their own resume highlighting activities, honors, leadership positions, and job experience.  This resume can be included with their college applications or used for a job application. 


    • Information regarding vocational-technical programs, as well as senior year college level courses, offered at Middle Bucks Institute of Technology is available for students and parents.


    • If students are considering college, they are encouraged to take the SAT I and/or ACT at least twice in the spring.


    • Students are strongly encouraged to attend the Council Rock College Fair.


    • Individual meetings in the spring with the counselor to continue to offer our assistance in the college and career search process.  If needed, a preliminary list of colleges is developed.  If needed, an additional Career Interest Inventory can be given.


    • Students are encouraged to continue their use of Naviance.  On Naviance they can complete college searches, see acceptance rates for past Council Rock graduates, complete a game plan and resume; all of which will help guide the student in reaching their goals.


    • Summer programs are advertised and students are encouraged to take advantage of those opportunities.



    Senior Year


    • Individual college planning conference with counselor. Conference includes: Review of their transcript, discussion of post-secondary plans, SAT discussion, encourage participation in extracurricular activities, college search if needed, interview for letter of recommendation. 


    • Continue to encourage students to use Naviance to help with their college application and planning process.  Review their information in the system so communication can be improved between student, parent, and counselor.


    • Students are encouraged to attend the individual college visitations that occur throughout the fall at the high school to meet with college admissions representatives.


    • Make students interested in gaining more career information aware of the ASVAB.


    • Students are made aware of various scholarship opportunities.  These scholarship opportunities can be based on academic performance, volunteer experience, or college major.


    • Sample resumes are available and students are encouraged to update them with the most accurate information.


    • Counselors continue to follow up with the students and are available to answer questions or concerns during the college process.


    • Counselors assist students as they transition from high school to college or a job.