October 6th, 2021
       *All parents with college bound students should submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).
    If you’re not ready to apply for federal student aid, but you’d like to estimate your aid  click here for the FAFSA4caster
           Click here to complete your FAFSA Application (After October 1st of Senior year)
    ** The Federal PIN that students and parents formerly needed to sign the FAFSA and access other aid information, has been replaced by Federal Student Aid (FSA) to what is now the FSA ID.  Creating the FSA ID requires multiple steps that need to be completed independently by the student applicant and their filing-parent.  A student cannot complete these steps for their filing-parent and the filing-parent cannot complete these steps for the student.  

    This new FSA ID creation is not easily combined with completing the FAFSA application due to email address requirements, creating unique user ID’s, security challenge questions, issues with the FAFSA application ‘timing out’ amidst the ID creation, etc. We recommend that students and filing-parents create their two FSA IDs prior to beginning the FAFSA.  

    Here are some important highlights about this new process:

    ·        Students and their parent can no longer use the same email address.  While students typically do have email access, parents often do not.  If either does not, they must create an email account (Gmail, Yahoo, etc.) in order to move through the FSA ID creation process.

    ·        For both the student and the filing-parent, it can be a challenge to create a valid username and password because the security settings have been increased to be ‘stronger.’  These also need to be unique and not taken by a previous FAFSA filer.

    ·        To acquire the FSA ID for the student and their filing-parent, they each will also need to create five security questions and answers.  These are ‘challenge’ questions that must be answered in the event they forget their username and passwords.  Two of these challenge questions can be selected from options that FSA provides but three of them must be completely made up by the applicant and filing-parent.

    ·        Although the FSA ID can be used immediately by first time applicants once it is created, that is not the case for renewals.  For those renewing a FAFSA, there will be a one to three day delay between the creation of the FSA ID and the ability to electronically sign the application.

    ·        Although this is not required, the final step in creating an FSA ID is to confirm student/filing-parent email address. A secure code is sent to the email addresses entered when FSA IDs were created. Once the code is retrieved from the email accounts and then reentered (to confirm the email address is valid), users can use their authenticated email address instead of a username to log in to the five ED websites.

    ·        Parents or students who already have a PIN, will still need to create an FSA ID and password.  The new ID can be linked to the PIN, but that is a separate part of the process and is completed at the conclusion of creating the FSA ID and password

    For more information, this link will take you to the new FSA ID site:  http://fsaid.ed.gov.

    Several private universities require the CSS PROFILE to help them award nonfederal student aid funds. Many private universities require completion of the
    College Board's College Scholarship Service (CSS) Profile
    to help them award non-federal student aid funds.
     If the CSS Profile is required by a university to which you are applying, it can be completed by clicking the icon above or visiting 
    If you are unclear about these issues the Counseling Center recommends that you attend the Financial Aid Night that is scheduled each year during the month of December.
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