The National Collegiate Athetic Association (NCAA) which governs intercollegiate athletic competition at most colleges, requires students who want to play a sport at the Division I or II level as a freshman to meet certain academic standards.  The standards are based upon performance on the SAT I (or ACT) and a GPA on 16 specified units of high school study in approved courses.  If you think you may want to play a sport in college at the Division I or II level, you need to meet with your counselor to discuss NCAA eligibility.  Do this before you select your senior year courses.  In addition, you must visit the NCAA website for eligibilty rules. 
    The following resources should provide useful -
    NCAA's main website - www.ncaa.org
    Eligibility Welcome Center where need to create an account - https://web3.ncaa.org/ecwr3/
    Enter School Code of 391790 to find current list of approved courses - https://web1.ncaa.org/hsportal/exec/hsAction
    Additional Notes:  Student Athletes should complete the Clearninghouse information in the beginning of their senior year.  After information is completed, make sure your counselor follows up with an official transcript and you send your official SAT/ACT scores from the appropriate testing agency.