• Attendance Letter 2022-23

    Regular school attendance is necessary for a successful school experience. Instructional continuity is
    interrupted and the valuable interaction that occurs with teachers and among fellow students is lost when a
    student is frequently absent, tardy or dismissed early from school. Realizing that regular attendance in school
    is necessary for students to gain maximum benefits from public education, the Board urges all
    parents/guardians to stress punctuality and regular attendance habits with their children. Policy No. 204 of the
    Council Rock School District regulates attendance in the schools of Council Rock. In addition, the school laws
    of Pennsylvania, specifically Act 138 of 2016, require every parent, guardian, or other person having control or
    charge of a child or children between the ages of eight and eighteen to send them to school. The laws further
    require that, “Once a parent elects to send his child to school, the child must attend continuously until eighteen
    years of age, has graduated from a senior high school or has secured legal employment at age sixteen.” As
    we begin the 2022-2023 school year, we want to inform you of our policies regarding attendance. 

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