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    Churchville Elementary School 6th Grade Supply List 2022-2023

    Qty. Items

    1 Black expo marker & clean sock (for a eraser)

    1 Pair of scissors

    2 Colored pens of your choice for self-grading

    2 Yellow highlighters

    1 Pencil Case/Pencil Box for supplies

    2 “book sox” for textbooks (or other covering)

    3  (1 inch 3-ring binders with inside pockets: White, Red, Blue (Clear front cover and inside pockets preferred!)

    2 Packs of wide ruled lined paper for binders (min. 100 pgs. each—we will split among binders!)

    3 Packs of 5 tab dividers (one for every binder)

    1 Extra folder with pockets (any color or pattern)

    1 Box of 12 (or more) No. 2 pencils with good erasers (NON-MECHANICAL, PLEASE!)

    1 coloring materials (A choice of one: colored pencils, crayons, skinny markers, etc.)

    1 pair of earbuds (in Ziploc bag labeled with student name)

    1 Box of tissues to share with the class

    *** $ for SCHOLASTIC NEWS subscription (Social Studies)-- cost TBD first week of school

    OPTIONAL SUPPLIES: Students are welcome to bring in any of the following:

    - additional crayons,

    markers, other coloring materials

    - index cards

    - additional expo markers (black or other colors)

    If you would like to donate any additional containers of disinfecting wipes, a bottle of hand sanitizer, more tissues, or a roll of paper towels for our class collection, it would be greatly appreciated!