Degrees and Certifications:

Miss Boltner

10 Facts about Miss B.

1. This is my fourth year teaching, but my first year in second grade! I've previously taught kindergarten and first grade. 

2. I grew up in the area and went through Council Rock! I went to Holy Family University for Early Childhood Education and Special Education. I am currently studying for my Master of Education with Reading Specialist Certification and will graduate in December! 

3. I rescued a dog at the end of last school year! He is black and white, just like an Oreo cookie. This is very fitting because that's his name, Oreo! We took Oreo to training to become a certified good boy and he is well on his way to becoming a smart cookie!

4. Summer is my favorite season. I love going to the beach to swim in the ocean and reading a great book on the sand. I usually visit Belmar Beach in New Jersey.

5. I love listening to thunderstorms and watching for lightning! I think it is pretty neat that I have "bolt" in my last name! I even wear lightning bolt earrings!

6. Chipotle's chicken and steak burrito bowls are the best! 

7. I enjoy keeping active by taking walks with Oreo and practicing yoga. Yoga is a mindful exercise that not only strengthens my muscles but also my brain! 

8. I like to travel and explore new places. This summer I visited Savannah, Georgia with my best friend. 

9. When I have free time, I like to read, listen to country music, or work on a puzzle!

10. The Phillies are my favorite sports team! Nothing beats a ballpark hot dog! We hope to be able to take Oreo to Bark at the Park next season. He already has a Phillies jersey!