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     Language Arts

    Our kindergarten language arts program has a few components.  All of these components are aimed at helping children to understand concepts of print (how to hold a book, which way to turn book pages, realizing that letters make up words, where words start on a page, which way we read-left to right).  We will learn this through letter recognition and letter-sound associations, whole group reading activities and small group activities through our new reading program called Reading Horizons. There will be sight words taught throughout the year as well.  Please review the sight words with your child often so he/she knows them by sight.  At story time, we practice finding the title and author of books, make predictions, discuss what happened in the book and decide what we did or did not like about the book. Daily journals are utilized to begin the writing process focusing on writing our names, then trying to write the first letter of a word and eventually learning to write all of the letters we hear in words, which we call “inventive spelling”.