• Accelerated PE: Team Games

    Super Gym

    Day 1, Period 1 - Day 2, Period 2

    Mr. Jason Carr



    Course Description
    This course is designed for students who wish to participate in an advanced physical education experience that will focus specifically on team games and sports. Students will receive instruction in advanced skills and strategies to participate in invasion games and other team challenges.


    • Provide a safe learning environment

    • Have fun

    • Reduce stress

    • Increase confidence

    • Improve social relationships

    • Improve sportsmanship

    • Improve leadership

    • Increase body awareness

    • Improve critical thinking


    • Outdoor invasion games: ultimate football, flickerball, football lead up games, handball, speedball, soccer, ultimate frisbee, street hockey

    • Indoor invasion games: basketball, handball, speedball, soccer

    • Net games: Pickleball, badminton, volleyball, west chester volleyball

    • Fielding and striking games: tennis baseball, softball, wiffle ball, kickball, long base

    Game specific skills & strategies



    • Throwing & catching/Passing & receiving

    • Offensive skills: pivots, fakes, screens, give & go

    • Dribbling with hands & feet

    • Shooting on goal

    • Defensive skills

    • Creating space

    • Reducing space

    • Transitions

    • Offensive strategies

    • Defensive strategies


    • 1st marking period: Strategy Analysis

    • 2nd marking period: sportsmanship current event

    • 3rd marking period: philosophy of coaching/leadership

    • 4th marking period: greatest team ever

    Grading - all grades and assignments will be posted on CANVAS.

    In addition to a 20 point marking period assessment, daily grading will be assessed through teacher observation of safe attire, sport specific movement, and self motivation.  The daily grade will be 3 points per class.