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NOVA's iSmart Classroom Lessons

  • iSmart 101 – 4th grade

    iSmart 101

    NOVA's iSmart 101 provides the foundation for Digital Citizenship. Appropriate and  responsible behavior with regard to technology use is presented.  Topics include: password protection, internet tricks, “virtual friends”, reputations, sharing content, and how to handle dangerous or uncomfortable situations.    



    Cyberbullying – 5th grade


    Cyberbullies demean and isolate victims using mobile devices to post, text, and spread embarrassing pictures, messages or gossip. NOVA's Cyberbullying program clarifies digital rights and responsibilities and teaches appropriate strategies and effective responses to handle cyberbullying. “Upstanders” and resources for support are discussed and encouraged. 



    Digital Footprint – 6th grade

    Your Digital Footprint

    NOVA's Your Digital Footprint explores privacy in the digital world and promotes critical thinking regarding how digital content is potentially viewed and stored.  Students apply this information in scenario activities designed to foster empathy and encourage responsible and respectful decision-making.