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    Nuts and Bolts of Using Schoolwires

    (Adapted from Rose Tree Media School District)


    Creating a New Page in Schoolwires

    In most cases, you can do everything you want to do in Schoolwires using the FLEX page.

    To add a FLEX page to your website, do the following:


    1. Sign in to your webpage and click on Site Manager.

    2. Click on New Page.

    3. Click on Flex Page.

    4. Type the name of the page in the box provided. Click on one of the page layout options; you will be limited to that page layout style. If you do not click on one of the page layout options, you will have a blank page to work with. (A MORE ADVANCED OPTION)

    5. Click Save and you will see your new page listed with current pages. It will default to active status. If you do not wish to have the page active while you are working on it, simply check the box next to Active and it will toggle to Inactive.

    6. Begin with your heading. Add text. Change the font, color and size.



    Your Schoolwires Teacher Web Page

    Start small!!!!  Think about what you want to do with your web site. Spend some time looking at other web sites for ideas. Start today and add as you go.

    Ideas for Content of Teacher Web Pages

    • Welcome page
    • Class/Course Requirements
    • Class Calendar
    • Homework Policy
    • Class Handouts/Forms, Permission Slips
    • Lecture Notes
    • Review Sheets and Sample Tests
    • Class Assignments
    • Homework Assignments
    • Reading Lists
    • Student Work/Projects
    • CourseRelated
    • Internet Hyperlinks
    • Rubrics/Scoring Guides
    • Parent Tips
    • AP Exam Information
    • Final Exam Information
    • Summer Review Packets
    • Summer Reading Assignments

    To Insert an image in Schoolwires:

    1. Place your cursor on the page where you would like the image to appear.

    2. Click on the bottom left icon, Insert Image.

    3. Choose whether to retrieve your image from your computer, from a file already uploaded to your website, or from a shared library.

    4. Click on Next, Browse and find the image.

    5. Double click on the file you wish to insert.

    6. In the Preview window, you must provide a name in the box next to Alt. Text (this will not appear on your web page) and adjust the height and width. If you alter the height or width the other dimension will change to remain in proportion. You can choose the alignment of the image to left, center, or right and create a border or not. “0” does not create a border, other values starting with 1 create a border of increasing width. When you have finished selecting your preferences, click on Insert Image.

    7. Save your work.


    To Insert a document in Schoolwires

    1. Place your cursor on the page where you would like the document to appear.

    2. Click on the paperclip, Insert document.

    3. Choose whether to retrieve your document from your computer, from a file already uploaded to your website, or from a shared library.

    4. Click on Next, Browse and find the document.

    5. Double click on the file you wish to insert.

    6. Type the name of the link that you wish to appear on your webpage. From the pull down menu you have the option to have your document open in a new window. This is a preferable option

    because it allows the viewer to close out of the document without closing out of the entire website.

    7. Save your work.

    Posting Student Work

    You may wish to post student work to your webpage to demonstrate an example of expectations for an assignment or to show off the successful completion of an assignment. Posting student work on Schoolwires can be accomplished in the same way that you insert a document or image. Follow the same directions.
    To Insert a Link in SchoolWires

    Insert a link to a site, section or page
    Insert a link to a email address
    Insert a link to a different website
    Insert a link to a bookmark in the page   
    (Flag Icon for Bookmark, which is inserted before the link)   

    Organizing in Schoolwires:

    1. Sign in to Schoolwires. Click on Site Manager.
    2. Section Workspace
      1. Manage Pages tab:

                                                                   i.      New Page for adding a new page to your section. The page types are shown in Exhibit SE-16 and will be covered in more detail later in this job aid.

                                                                 ii.      Sort Pages for changing the order of your pages in which you pages appear on the website. Note: You cannot use this for changing the order or your pages if you are using hierarchy navigation.

                                                                iii.      URL for obtaining the URL (web address) for a page.

                                                                iv.      Rename for renaming a page.

                                                                  v.      Options for controlling viewing permissions (roles) for a page.

                                                                vi.      Delete for deleting a page from your website.

                                                               vii.      Status for activating or deactivating a page.

                                                             viii.      Editing an existing page by clicking on the title of the page. This is a link to that page.

    b.       Section Editors tab: you can assign and remove Section Editors on this tab.

    c.       Tools tab:

                                                                   i.      Files & Folders, which you will use to organize the files and folders used in your section.

    ·         All documents that you have uploaded to date will appear in the window. You can create folders to organize your documents. You can not drag documents into the folders. New documents must be uploaded into the folders. For example, if you create a folder called “Spelling Lists” and you want to place this week’s spelling list into the folder, you must open the Spelling List Folder before uploading the document.

    ·         To create your folders, simply click on New Folder and type an appropriate title for the folder. Now, whenever you want to place something into that folder, open it and then upload the document or image. Documents and folders can easily be deleted at any time by clicking on delete next to the item.


                                                                 ii.      Forms & Surveys, which you will use to create and manage forms and surveys for your section. This task will only appear in the Section Workspace if your organization has purchased this additional software option and the Site Director or Subsite Director has enabled forms and surveys editing for your section.


    To access the Schoolwires Manual:

    1. Sign in to your school website

    2. Navigate to your teacher website

    3. Click on Site manager

    4. Click on Tutorials for an 8 minute audio/video tutorial about using Schoolwires

    OR Click on the Community and Support tab along the top and go to  Documentation/Schoolwires User Guide.


    Back to top. This is a hyperlink to a Bookmark.