• Study Tips for Math 

    Each course syllabus also contains specific tips for that course, so please consult the syllabus documents on the home page! 
    Please use the following 3 documents to help you succeed in math!  They describe what the PROCESS should look like for a successful math student while in class, at home, and at clinic.

    The Process of Completing Homework

    The Process of Studying 

    • Take notes during class and review them while you do your homework.  Your notes provide a "model" for your homework problems.
    • When odd problems are assigned, check your answers in the back of the book as you go.  If the problem is wrong, try it again.  If you still can't figure it out, star it so that you can ask during class the next day.
    • When you still have questions after asking in class, come to clinic with specific questions.
    • Use in-class review for tests and quizzes wisely.  Use this opportunity to ask questions!
    • Ask a friend for help.
    • When studying for a test, GO BACK AND REVIEW/RE-DO HOMEWORK PROBLEMS!

    The theme:  do your homework carefully and ASK QUESTIONS because they are your most important tools for success!