• Why take latin?

    The reasons are limitless and each person’s experience is unique, but here is what college and university admissions personnel say when asked about Latin as an academic pursuit:
    "The study of Latin is also the study of history, art, music, theatre, philosophy, law, literature, laboratory science, ‘and more!’"

    Teresa Hudkins, Willamette University

    "The study of Roman culture which typically accompanies Latin study informs the study of any Western literature, art, or culture as well. [. . .] If Latin were dead, every Western culture and language would be also bereft of life."

    Matthew Potts, Admissions Counselor, University of Notre Dame

    "Latin trains abstract thinking, provides a key to all modern Romance languages, is a model for interdisciplinary study (language, history, culture) and can be a lot of fun."

    Michael C. Behnke, Vice President for Enrollment, University of Chicago

    "Vocabulary and grammar of the English language can be mightily improved through the study of Latin."

    Kathy Lindsey, Associate Director of Admissions, Middlebury College

    "A background in Latin provides students with a stronger English vocabulary. Open any SAT prep book and you will see a crash course in Latin in the vocab section."

    Andrea Thomas, Assistant Dean of Admission, Hamilton College

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