College & University admissions personnel
    respond to latin

    When you see Latin on a transcript, what impression of the student does that give you?

    "Students taking Latin are typically scholarly. They pursue academic study in the purest sense, they are not simply fulfilling a requirement."

    Matthew Potts, Admissions Counselor, University of Notre Dame

    "We value the study of Latin very highly, at least on par with other languages."

    Steve LeMenager, Director of Admission and Associate Dean, Princeton University

    "We add on extra ‘weight’ when we see Latin on a transcript."

    Philip Ballinger, Dean of Admissions, Gonzaga University

    "That’s a student who is willing to step away from the crowd."

    Ray Brown, Dean of Admissions, Texas Christian University

    "We consider students who study Latin seriously (with strong, steady performance) to be excellent candidates for Bryn Mawr."

    Elizabeth Mosier, Acting Director of Admissions, Bryn Mawr College

    "This year, I was particularly impressed by a student with average test scores and grades who had taken Latin throughout middle and high school. We ended up offering the student admission, and I think it is fair to say that it was his commitment to Latin that tipped the scales."

    Andrea Thomas, Assistant Dean of Admission, Hamilton College

    "This student is likely to be disciplined, have a strong basis for further learning, be a little more creative toward intellectual pursuits than most."

    Michael C. Behnke, Vice President for Enrollment, University of Chicago

    "Classical languages on a transcript indicate seriousness of purpose and true devotion to a rigorous program of study."

    Fred Zuker, Vice President and Dean of Student Services, University of Dallas

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