Projectile motion:
    Evel Knievel attempting to jump 13 buses in Wembley Stadium on May 13, 1975 in front of a record crowd of 90,000 people. ...unfortunately he was unsuccessful.
    evil knieval
    mass v.s weight:
    The great Russian weightlifter Vasily Alexeev lifting 541 lbs in the clean and jerk.  That is a MASS 246 kg, that would be a WEIGHT of 2,409 Newtons. 
    Vasily Alexeevvasily alexeev 2vasily alexeev 3vasily alexeev 4
    The psyche...      the clean...          the jerk...         ...the gold medal
    Unit 1  Graphing Motion
          Part 1  Position Charts
          Part 2  Velocity Charts
    Unit 2  Equations of Motion
    Unit 3  Vectors
    Unit 4  Projectile Motion
    Unit 5 Newtons Laws
       Part 1: Universal Law
       Part 2: Forces (friction, Hooke's Law)
    Unit 6. Newtons Laws of Motion
    Unit 7 Work, Power, Energy, Work/Energy, Conservation of Energy
    Unit 8 Momentum, Impulse/Momentum, Conservation of Momentum
    Unit 9 Horizontal Circular Motion
    Unit 1 Electrostatics/Static Electricity
    Unit 2 Current Electricity, Circuits
    Unit 3 Electromagnetism, Electromagnetic Induction
                (Motors, Generators, Transformers)
    Unit 1 Mirrors
    Unit 2 Refraction, Lenses