Accelerated Physics

    Mass vs. Weight:
    The great Russian weightlifter Vasily Alexeev lifting 541 lbs in the clean and jerk.  That is a MASS 246 kg, that would be a WEIGHT of 2,409 Newtons. 
    Vasily Alexeevvasily alexeev 2vasily alexeev 3vasily alexeev 4
    The psyche...      the clean...          the jerk...         ...the gold medal
     Welcome to Accelerated Physics
    Below you will find the expectations for this course, the grading policy and the course syllabus


    1. Arrive on time and be prepared for class

    -       Have Pencils, Calculator, Book, Notebook

    -       Be seated with your homework out (or notebooks open to where we left off the previous day)

    1. Treat your classmates, the teacher, and yourself with respect and dignity
    2. Make an effort
    3. Take responsibility when you are absent

    - Get the notes and assignment from a friend (preferably before coming to class!)

    - If you are absent on the day of a test, you will make up the test, in class, on the first day back.

    - If you are absent for more than 1 day, see me to make arrangements.


    Grading system:

    Grades will be determined as follows:

    1. Tests (approximately 70%)
    2. Labs (approximately 20%)
    3. Homework (approximately 10%)
    4. Mid Term Exam (25%of 2nd quarter Grade)
    5. Final Exam (25% of 4th quarter grade)


    Council Rock School District Administrative regulation   No.213-R

    Council Rock School District recognizes the need for regular student assessment. Assessment can take many forms: class work, homework, reports, projects, student writing, student performance, quizzes, teacher developed tests, department/district tests, mid-term and final exams, and standardized tests.


    Teachers will provide the opportunity to review assessments in a classroom setting.  With the exception of District Assessments, students have the option of taking assessments home.  In lieu of taking an assessment home students may leave the assessment with the teacher for future use/reference.


    District Assessments are defined as summative assessments that are collaboratively created and administered across schools.  District assessments are available for review at parent request.  These are the current district Assessments administered to students:  Mid-terms, finals, quarterlies/unit tests and elementary pre and post assessments.


    At the secondary level, the Home Accesss Center will indicate with an asterisk those District Assessments that will not go home.






    Topics covered:







    Projectile Motion

    Newton’s Laws of Motion




    Conservation of Energy



    Conservation of Momentum

    Circular motion



    Planetary Mechanics




                Electric Fields

    Current Electricity

                Circuits (simple + combination)




    Electromagnetic Induction




    Geometric Optics/light:

    Mirrors (Flat, Converging, Diverging)


    Lenses (Converging, Diverging)



    Wave motion, properties of waves


    Dates to Remember:  2014-2015  school year


    Marking Period                                 1st                    2nd                   3rd                    4th       

    Interim Reports                                 10/3                12/12              2/27                5/8

    End of Marking Period                    11/6                1/26                4/8                   TBD

    Report Cards Distributed                11/20              2/18                4/22                TBD


    Public Service Announcement: =).
    If, at any time, you are having trouble please come see me. 
    Clinic will be in Room A30  Tuesday & Thursday 2:15 - 3:00
    and Monday and Wednesday 2:15 - 3:00 by appointment.