information for parents

    Mrs. Maria A. Weinstock



    (215) 944-1155


    Spanish Course Description:  This course is designed to expose students to the Spanish language and build upon basic communication skills. Various cultures that utilize this language will be studied in a variety of ways.


    Course Objective:  Spanish is the primary language used in class.  Everyday students are expected to make an effort in all endeavors.

    ·        The students must bring to class daily: textbook, pens and pencils, current notes and handouts, workbook.

    ·        Homework-Must have the name, date and period at the top of the assignment. Must be completed on time. Students who copy or cheat on an assignment will receive a zero.  

    ·        Study time-Minimum of 15 minutes a day.  Every student must practice vocabulary, review class work and read aloud. Writing vocabulary words and recording one’s voice is good practice.

    ·        Absenteeism-If a student is absent, he or she is responsible for all work done in class as well as completion of homework assignments. It is best to have a contact in class whom you can call if you are absent.  Exceptions will be made in the case of extended illness.

    ·        Extra help--Students who plan to come in for “clinic” should inform me in advance. I can always be available after school and I will make every effort to accommodate any student who needs assistance.


                                                   MP 1 & 3         MP 2 & 4

    Homework                                    20 %            15%

    Participation                                   30 %            22.5%

    Tests/ quizzes/ projects                   50%             37.5%



    The midterm and final are 25% of the grade during that marking period.



    Classroom Awareness Grade:  Below are the guidelines for subjective grade based on classroom awareness.  A subjective grade may be given at weekly or frequent intervals.  Such a grade will be given on a daily basis and will comprise of 30% of the marking period grade.


    1. A+ to B+

    Maintains attentive and active role in class.

    Contributions dependably correct and relevant.

    Consistently prepared for class.

    Consistently chooses to use the foreign language in class, including conversation with other students.




    1. B to C

    Usually attentive and active player in class at an acceptable level.

    Contributions tend to be correct and relevant.

    Normally prepared for class.

    Under most circumstances, chooses to use the foreign language in class, including conversation with other students.


    1. C- to D-

    At times passive and inattentive in class.

    Contributions suffer accordingly.

    Preparation for class inconsistent.

    Student has to be prodded to use foreign language in class.


    1. F

    Tends to be passive and inattentive in class.

    Uncooperative to own detriment.

    Tends not to be prepared for class.

    Reluctant or unwilling to use the foreign language.


    Special Activities:   I will make every effort to find activities both inside and outside the classroom. 

    ·                    Holiday activities

    ·                    In class fiestas (1 a year)

    ·                    Video team projects/ class presentations


    Computer and app resources:  Provided with the Avancemos textbook is an online text with resources which can be used for extra practice and for clarification. In Spanish honors 4, we use vhl central for homework which also has an online textbook. We also use phone apps such as Quizlet for vocabulary study and Remind for important reminders. 


    My Goal and Expectations: My goal is to create a supportive and positive atmosphere in which students and I can work together towards achieving their goals and overall academic success. Students need to understand their responsibilities as high school students. Creating a goal, developing the steps that need to be taken and implementing them will make achievement more likely.  I expect the students to practice and make an effort at all times.




    • Do the assignments promptly, neatly and carefully.
    • Study vocabulary every day.
    • Students should ask questions when they do not understand something.
    • Contact me for extra help. mweinstock@crsd.org
    • Keep all notes and handouts for review in good order.
    • Students should not become frustrated if mistakes are made with pronunciation or sentence construction.  The student is here to learn. Students should feel confident by the end of the year of their skills.
    • DO NOT FALL BEHIND. Students are responsible for their own academic success.


    What more can parents do?


    • Encourage your son or daughter to review materials each day. 
    • Visit websites recommended in the text and teacher.
    • Encourage outside sources such as radio, TV news in Spanish.
    • Don’t hesitate to work with your child to review vocabulary or have them explain what they are learning. Flashcards are recommended.
    • Flip through their notebooks. It should be neat and organized and students should be able to find on what they are currently working.
    • Don’t hesitate to e mail me if you have any questions or are concerned about your child.