Please go to Canvas and log into the CR South Physical Education
    Classroom.  Once you sign in, you will be able to access your lessons and workout videos and links.
    Please look in your inbox for the links to your Google Meet for classes.
    pe grading
    Skill Evaluation (25 Points)
    Knowledge Evaluation (25 Points)
    Participation Evaluation (50 Points)
    PE Class
    This is for in person learning for PE below: 

    Physical Education Make-Up Classes:

    All make-up classes must be completed one (1) week prior to the end of

    the marking period.

    Make-up classes are held with a physical education teacher on:

    Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:30 pm – 3:00 pm


    Make-up classes begin the day after interims and continue until one (1) week prior to the end of the marking period.

    It is the student’s responsibility to sign in and out with the supervising

    Physical Education teacher.

    Anticipated excused absences can be made up prior to the occurrence

    with the teacher’s permission.

    Only one (1) UNPREPARED can be made up

    for each of the four (4) marking periods.

    Students MUST be dressed appropriately for physical activity.

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