Regarding Student Absence ....

    Tests and Make-up Work....

         When students are absent, they need to make up their work promptly to ensure continued success in chemistry class.  Listed below are suggestions and my policies.




     1   1.  Obtain the phone number and e-mail addresses of more than one reliable fellow student so that you can find out about work missed due to absence. 


    With the advent of new technologies, new problems arise.  One such new technology, e-mail, has been a great improvement to our society.  Unfortunately, it has created a problem for teachers as parents and students have turned to this technology as an aide in getting make-up work when a student is absent.  I hope that students and parents understand that while I will honor all requests for work, I may not be able to honor such requests with the necessary expediency that students/parents may want. Then students can utilize the technology I do offer (my website) to help them keep up when they miss school.  Therefore, it is often much easier for the student to obtain that work directly from a peer.


         2.  Make every attempt to be in class every day you can.




    1.   1.  In general, if you were absent from class, school policy dictates that you have at least one school day to make up your work.  My policy is that you have two days.  Of course, extensions are always possible, but only if you ask in advance.


    2.  2.  If you miss a test or quiz due to absence, you should plan on taking that test on the day of your return to school.  Of course, accommodations will be made in cases of extended absences.  Also, extensions are always possible, but only if you ask in advance.


      3.3.  If a student is absent the day before the test/quiz, this does not excuse the student from taking the test/quiz because no new material is ever introduced that day. 


      4.4.  If a student is absent on any other day when material is learned, absence is not an excuse for not knowing the material on the day of a test, obtaining the start-up question, etc. 


    5    5.  If there were handouts, you must obtain them from the teacher by asking for them at the beginning of the class period.


          6.  Clinic is offered on Tuesday and Thursday after school.  I am also available for help on some other days after school.  Please see me about staying after school for help on other days if you are interested.  Prior notice is necessary.


         7. I know the following statements sound a bit strict regarding student projects, but I feel it's necessary to be clear based on past experience....


             *  On the day a major project is due (example - PIAT), the project will receive a 

                one-letter-grade penality if the student is absent and does not do one of the      



                     (1)  Turn it in the day (or days) before it is due.


    c)              (2)  E-mail me the project with the attachment.  That email must be received by

                     the time your class period would normally begin.  If you have chemistry 2nd 
                     period,  for example, the time stamp on the email must be before 9:50 a.m.  
                     Also, please note: you should ask me to send you a confirming e-mail to let you
                     know that I received it.   If I don't respond, then I didn't get it. 


          Please understand that making up work is your responsibility. 

    I will assist in every way that I can, but ultimately the task is yours.