• Course Expectations

    Much misunderstanding can be avoided at the bebining of the school year by a statement of class expectations and procedures. 
    Lateness to Class
    I will begin class when the bell rings.  Please be in your seat with your books and materials when the bell rings.
    Coming Prepared
    There are four things you need to be considered prepared for class:
    1.  Your textbook
    2.  Your notebook
    3.  A pen or pencil
    4.  All completed and current assignments
    With these four simple items, you will be ready to learn the concepts and strategies of the course. 
    Homework is assigned to practice what you have learned in class and to complete unfinished classwork.  Doing homework is essential for success in class.  Your homework is counted in as a point value toward your final grade.  Points will be deducted for each day that an assignment is handed in late.

    In our classroom we must treat each other with courtesy and respect.  To create an atmosphere we can all work well in, we must treat each other as we would like to be treated.
    You are permitted and expected to make up work missed due to legitimate absences.  Unexcused absences will result in a zero for any assignements due or covered on that day.  Tuesdays and Thursdays after school are clinic times for makeup work, extra help and detentions.  You will have equal time to your absence to make up missed work for full credit.
    Laboratory Activities and Group Work
    You will work in groups many times during this course.  Each week will include laboratory activities that require each member in the lab group to cooperate and work as a team.  Safety should be considered at all times throughouth this course.  Some reports will be submitted by the group, others are to be individual work - copying will not be tolerated.
    You are required to keep a notebook consisting of notes and materials on 1) vocabulary, 2) major concepts and processes, and 3) laboratory exercises.  This will be your primary tool for studying for tests.  The key is to take good notes.  A 1 inch three ring binder and separate folders for handouts and labs works well for this.  You are encouraged to shar this notebook with your parents on a regular basis.  If you are having problems with this class and it is necessary for me to meet with your parents, your notebook will help us to understand why you are having difficulties.
    It is your responsibility to get help if you need it.  This can occur duing class time or, if needed, I will be available on a regular basis every Tuesday and Thursday after school.  If you need assistance any other time, please see me to arrange a time.  You are encouraged to get extra help right away.  Don't wait or you risk falling behind!
    Each assignment carries a total number of points available.  The amount of points will vary with each assignment based on the amount of material and time required to complete it.  For academic level classes, assessments will count as 65% of each marking period grade, labs and other activities will count as the remaining 35%.  For accelerated classes, the grade weight is 70% and 30%.  Grades are figured using the following percentages:


    A = 90-100%;   B = 80-89%;   C = 70-79%;   D = 60-69%;   F = 0-59%


                Tests and quizzes will be returned to students upon completion of the test for review but will be collected and held in a secure location by the teacher in order to maintain the integrity of the assessments.  Upon request, students may have tests returned after all students have taken the assessment.
    The amount you learn and the degree to which you succeed and enjoy this class are directly related to the effort you put forth.  It is expected that you will become a responsible, active participant in the teaching/learning process.  Class participation is essential.