MEETING #2  Wednesday 11/18/20

    *People interested in being an officer will make a brief presentation about the attributes 

    Meeting Starts at 2:22.  If you sent me an application and didn't get an e-mail back prior to the start of the meeting, still attend the meeting and let me know in the meeting.  I will be sending an e-mail out to all members the morning of the meeting so if you don't get it, let me konw.

    Zoom Meeting Code: 982 4743 3709

    Password: MAT




    Required Qulifications(NO EXCEPTIONS).  There are 2 very simple sentences for the requirements.  You should be able to understand this if you are really a math honor society student but if not, e-mail me your questions:


    To qualify, you MUST have taken at least 3 mathematics courses at the Algebra 2 or higher level(most people who qualify are starting 12th grade) AND

    If you took 1 or more Honors level courses, you must have no more than 1 B in all of your math course work

    If you took 0 Honors level courses, you must have all A's in all of your math course work.


    No Exceptions to the above requirements

    Example:  A Honors Alebra 2, B Honors Geometry, A Honors Analysis, you are good

    A Honors Algebra 2, A Accelerated Geometry, B Honors Analysis, sorry you do not meet the requirements.

    A Honors Algebra 2, A Accelerated Geometry, A Honors Analysis, you are good

    No Exceptions to the above requirements


    This year, I will be accepting all applicants based on the Honor System until I have chance to check your grades.  Membership fee is $20.00 cash or check made out to Council Rock South - Activities Fund.   You will pay your membership fee once school opens.  If that changes, we will find an alternate method to pay the fee.

    If interested, send me an e-mail.  I need to know your grades for 9th, 10th and 11th grade in every math class that you took.  If you took more than 1 math class in a single year, I need all the results from all of the classes. I need all of the classes, grades and the teacher's name for each.  Be honest, I will be printing transcripts once school is open so don't waste the membership fee if you don't qualify.  You are responsible for knowing your grades meet the requirements.  No refunds.  If unsure of your grades because you don't have your report cards, ask your guidance counselor.

    Finally, include an essay of at least 200 words but not more than 500 explaining why you should be a member of Council Rock South's Math Honor Society.

    Our first meeting will be Wednesday October 21, 2020


    So to conclude:

     E-mail me your name, courses taken, grades in each course and teacher name for each.  Also please include the essay described above.

    MAT MEETS the 3rd Wednesday of the month barring earthquakes, volcanoes, alien attacks or snow days

    You must carry a C or higher in AP Calculus BC, a B or higher in AP Calculus AB or an A or higher in Acclerated level math classes to maintain active status in Math Honor Society