• World's Strongest Dad

    Activity: The kids read Rick Reilly's SI article about Dick and Rick Hoyt. Then they viewed the video.  We discussed some of Rick's crafts in his article.  We discussed the power of a father/son relationship.  We discussed how this story is just one kind of love story. 


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    Reilly Article

    Rick Reilly Sports Illustrated article



    April 10, 2007



    I read an article about a man and his son.  It was one of the most greatest stories I ever read.  For a dad to help his son that much, That dad is great. More than great. SUBLIME. I think that if you were  a father or a mother running a triathlon, biking and swimming with your disabled son. That is the gift of a lifetime. Only if the son realized what his dad did for him.  If Rick the dad did not run all years with his son, his son would of died 15 years before he turned about 41.  This was a great story and it was true.

    When he was a baby, he was strangled by an umbilical cord. That’s why he is disabled and has to use a wheelchair. This story was very powerful and Dick the son is a very lucky person to have his dad and be lucky to be alive. This was an AMAZING story

                                                     by TAYLOR HENSCHEL   



    World’s Strongest Dad

    Sara Kernan   4-10-07


     Today I watched a movie that was about a kid who was born disabled.  He couldn’t talk so he would type things to his dad.  He wanted to run triathlons like swimming, bike riding, and running.  He was in a wheelchair and because he wanted to do a triathlons his dad would push him in his wheelchair and he would put him on a boat and would swim with the blow up boat on his back and when they got to the end of the swimming race he would pick him up out of the boat and run with him to the bikes. 

    I thought that was a really cool movie.  I was really happy.  I also thought it was really powerful because this dad would push his kid in a wheelchair and he would have a boat with a string on his back and he did all of these things for his kid. 

          There was an article about it too and in the article it says how the kid got disabled.  He got disabled because when he was 9 months old there was this umbel cord got caught around his neck and almost died.  Also, in the article it says “This love story.”  He said love story because the dad and the kid who was 45 years old loved each other very much.  I loved that video so much!!!    







    Not only is Dick Hoyt strong with his muscles, he is also strong with his heart.


    He is an amazing father.  It’s the story that got me- not the title Worlds Strongest Dad.


    The sentence that his son Rick typed changed his life forever “I felt like I wasn’t handicapped anymore, Dad!” 


    When Rick was born the umbilical cord was rapped around his neck. The doctors said that Rick would be a vegetable his entire life!  He types to his Dad on a computer with his head.


    In the article it tells about a doctor telling Dick that he would have died 15 years before if he wasn’t in such good shape… his arteries were 95% clogged. They saved each others lives, Dick saved Rick’s life. Rick saved Dick’s.

     By: Nadine C.  


    By Joe Kopania


     Today I learned something that was great. The class read about a dad and his kid that’s in a wheelchair. And they joined lots of races and they dad had to push his son in like bike races in a thing in the water and the dad had to pull him. It was a really sad video. The dad did every thing he could. And there still alive.  And the son said that one day he once to push and pull his dad.




    By Brian McBride


    Today Mr. Murphy showed our class a video about a person a very, very important person. There’s this guy who carries his son who had trouble in birth. He pulled his son in about 24 triathlons.

    He also did the Boston marathon. His son couldn’t type or do anything. He had to move the cursor on the computer with a switch on his head. He was a very strong dad.