• We do not remember days…

    We remember moments.

    The kids wrote short narratives about their thoughts about this quote and moment memories from their lives, this school year and this past spring break.

    April 9th, 2007

    We do not remember days…

    We remember moments.

    I totally agree with this. I mean, think about it – can you really remember a whole entire day in your life? No. But you can remember moments of the day. One moment that I really loved was two days ago. It was my grandma’s birthday party for when she turned 60. It was really funny – and in a way – annoying. There was a woman who was singing a bunch of songs and she was singing I Will Survive! On the parts where she sang I’ve got all my life to live, I’ve got all my love to give. I will survive! She sounded like a really high-pitched sick mouse. Her voice was all squeaky! I covered my ears the whole song!

    Here’s another moment that I remember. The first time I broke my ankle. I was at my friend Carly’s house. It was somewhere around the end of December, I think, because I had a cast through New Year’s. When I fell, I couldn’t move my ankle at all. Her dad had to carry me up the basement stairs. Even if I barely touched the ground with it, it would hurt soooo bad. It was around 11:30 at night. My parents came and picked me up. We went to the E.R. (Emergency Room) and we were in the hospital for about 2 hours. When I found out that I had to wear a cast for 6 weeks and through New Year’s, I started crying because I never had a cast before. I was really scared. Now I break lots of bones and getting a cast isn’t such a big deal to me. It actually tickles when you get it off with the saw. It’s a huge deal to my parents and my family. Every time I break something and I’m in the hospital, a different family member calls every five minutes and asks if I’m O.K.

    Another moment – this one is a good one – is when I was younger and I was at the playground with my mom and my two brothers. My youngest brother, Sammy, was only around a year old. He was sitting on a swing - the ones for little kids where you stick your feet through the holes – and my mom was pushing him. She got a tiny little smile out of him. When I pushed him, I got a giant smile. He only had two little teeth then, and I could see them both! I have a picture of it and whenever I’m sad I look at it and it makes me happy just to remember that memory.

    by Amanda Sinderovsky


    We do not remember days…

    We remember moments.



    I agree with this quote because that is really true, I can’t remember days I can only remember moments!!!!

    When we try to remember days, it’s harder to remember days than moments because the only moments that we remember are the happy ones!! Well I think of happy ones!!!! Here is one of my moments. Mostly every day my teacher takes us to the computer room to write, write and write!!!! I just love it. I just love to write.

    Here is one of my moments on my spring break.

    The first one was that I got a solo play in a dance and the way I got that solo is by doing a lot better than I did before!!!

    Now I will be telling you three more moments that I had in this school year!!!!

    Here is one. This moment is when my teacher

    Mr. Murphy gave me a slushy from Wawa on my birthday.

    Only two more to go!!!!

    This moment is about that I am happy that I got

    Mr. Murphy as my teacher!!!

    The reason I like that is because the first time all the fourth grade teachers walked into the classroom to talk about next year I knew that I wanted

    Mr. Murphy as my teacher and I got him as my teacher!!

    Here is the last one.

    This moment I remember the most and here it is!!

    I was at school and my teacher told us to pick a word and I picked up so he took me out to the hallway and put up on the shelf that I could see the classroom from the window and the window was very, very high!!!!

    Here is a moment from my life!!!!!

    My favorite moments in my life are my birthdays because I like to be getting presents. I like cake and like to get older and older!!!!!!

    The best part is that I get all the attention and my sister gets no attention!!!!!!!

    Edited by Frank Murphy, April 10, 2007


    You don’t remember days …

    You remember moments.

    By Eric Ervin

    April 10, 2007

    I agree with this quote because I do not remember any full days. I only remember moments.

    Here are some of my moments.

    I was in the woods with my brother and my next door neighbor. We found this tree that had a branch that they could pull down. So they did and I climbed up the big branch and then held on. Next my brother and my next door neighbor let go of the branch and I went flying up into the air about 15 to 18 feet high, while I was holding on to the branch. Then I fell of the branch, hit my knee on a rock and started gushing blood.

    Once I went in the woods and my brother saw a snake. It was in the thorns, so I did not want to get it. So my brother threw a stick at it and it came to me. Then I grabbed its tail and I had to hold it until my brother came back with a bucket. After that we went to our next door neighbor’s lemonade stand. We showed one of the customers the snake and then they bought more. That day me, my brother and my next door neighbor all built a bridge over the creek.

    On the first day of school Mr. Murphy gave out sports cards to everybody but he forgot me so I told him and he gave me a bat card. Plus he gave me a deck of cards.

    Over the break I went to my cousin’s house because it was Easter. My grandma gave me a basket full of toys like a slingshot and silly string. My cousin got a dart gun that shoots out bullets that has jelly stuff in them to stick. We also went to this really good restaurant. It was sort of like a buffet.

    While we were there I saw my cousin working there.

    Edited by Frank Murphy


    We do not remember days…

    We remember moments.

    I agree with this because days are just things like getting up in the morning and going to bed at night. But in-between that it is just the special things that comes in your life once in a while.

    On my birthday I had the feeling of being 11. It felt so great and powerful. My uncle came over. I have this feeling when he comes over. It makes me feel so proud he is here. He stayed over for four days. I love him so much and I did not want him to leave. The day he left I was crying with tears dripping down my face - pouring in a puddle on my shirt. He gives me a feeling that pops up to me when he comes. We play a lot of games like x-Box and Halo and Star Wars Commando. We spend time on my ipod looking for songs. My favorite kind of music is hip-hop, rock, alternative and rap.

    My moments in Northampton football are so close to me because it reminds me about how much fun we had. With all my teammates we have parties like on New Year’s Eve and on birthdays. I had a lot of friends in football.

    My favorite school memory is when we went outside and we played football and I got an interception. And I got a touchdown. I love the moment when I get a touchdown in football at school. It makes me feel so special.

    By Michael Sylvanovich

    April 10, 2007

    Edited by Frank Murphy

    April 10, 2007


    We do not remember days…

    We remember moments.

    That is so true. Try thinking of a full day from a week ago. You can’t; can you? But now remember a moment from two years ago. You can can’t you. I remember when Mr. Murphy came to a hockey game with my family. It was so cool. His son Chase kept on asking why. He was weird. I can’t remember that whole day. But I remember when Kyle scored a goal on the buzzer.

    The other moment I had is when Mr. Murphy shoved food down my throat and I spit it out for a S.A.T word. He also ate my Lifesaver.

    When I was three I scored my first goal in soccer. That game I was goalie. I got hit in the face, and then I fell into a pole.

    It hurt.

    When it was spring break I got stuff from the “Easter Bunny”. I can remember when I found my Easter basket. I was so happy. I got a necklace, soccer socks, a case and a charger for my DS light, candy, three Webkinz, a swimsuit, and flip flops, and more. It was so cool.

    There some memories that I have had, but not a full day!

    By Sarah Lamon

    April 10, 2007

    Edited by Frank Murphy


    We do not remember days…

    We remember moments.

    I agree with this quote because I remember moments not days.

    Once I went to Amanda’s house to play. We were very young probably 3 or 4 years old. I remembered I had this small, pink summer dress on. A while ago I saw that small pink summer dress and it made me remember the times in which Amanda and I were taking pictures. I still have a picture from that day. It was the moment - not the date!

    Another memorable moment was at last years Bloomberg Picnic. My Dad works for the guy who has these parties every year. (He is also the mayor of New York.) Well, I remember the time I just walked into the area where the party was being held. Suddenly, out of the corner of my eye- I saw a cute little chimpanzee. (It looked innocent at first!) My Mom walked me up to it. People brought it from… I Have No Clue Where It Is. I was petting the Chimp and all of a sudden “Rahg, Ragh”! SLAP! The Chimpanzee hit my face! J I was laughing and crying at the same time… on the other hand my Mom was cracking up! I never forgot that moment - I laugh on it today!

    This moment is one that happened yesterday, Easter 2007!

    My little sister Emma was running around downstairs. “WHACK!” She banged into the bathroom door! The door hit her underneath her eye! It was slightly bleeding. During the Easter Party (Held at my Grandmother’s House!) my Sister and my Parents went to the Emergency Room. They put a type of Crazy Glue on her skin- that is supposed to hold the cut together. Next year I will remember the moment- not the date! (I bet Emma will too!)

    By: Nadine C.

    Edited by Miss Potoka


    We do not remember days…

    We remember moments.

    Sara Kernan 4-9-07

    I agree with this quote because we really don’t remember days, but we do remember moments. I think this year was the best year ever. It’s the best year ever because there was so many great moments. One of them is when I pretended to be sent to the office for a joke. It was so funny. I kept smiling so much. Because I was smiling so much we had to do it twice. It was so funny.

    Another moment was over spring break. That moment was I went to the Women’s Humane Society. When we were there, there was a really cute Golden Retriever. When you said sit, he would sit and he would lean up against the gate because he would want you to pet him. We were going to adopt him, but he was already on yard check (that means the person who adopted him was waiting for a gate) and when a dog is on yard check that means the dog is already adopted.

    There was one more moment over spring break. It was when I found out you could adopt dogs or cats on the TV. I liked it because my grandmom tried to adopt two really cute dogs, but the bad thing was both of them were adopted. All the rest were not that cute, so I didn’t get any. The good thing about the dogs were that they were only $35 or $50 and not $100 like most dogs!!!

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