• Accelerated English 11

    2We love to read!!!!        The Crucible and Death of a Salesman
    Students will be reading The Crucible and Death of a Salesman for 1st Marking Period.  Along with their reading, students will be required to complete an extensive reading journal and research project that will follow along with the story and expose to students to the issues within each piece of literature. 
    Students will be completing a  Literary Analysis Research Paper this year in class.  This paper will be a work-in-progress for part of the year and will ultimately be due sometime in third marking period.  This paper will be 25% of the third marking period grade, so it is extremely important that students stay focused and keep to the deadlines. 
    SAT Prep Work will  take place during this marking period to prepare for the Fall SATs.
    Vocabulary and Grammar are both on a weekly basis.  Vocabulary will be done straight from the Vocabulary book, while Grammar will be extensive notes and packets to test student understanding.  Please expect both Vocabulary and Grammar quizzes every other week.
    Writing:  This course is writing intensive and students will be expected to complete both formal and creative pieces for each piece of Literature  read this year.  Sorry, did I mention we read at least two pieces of Literature per marking period?  No need to panic....I trust you all will meet the challenge!
    2Take the plunge!!!!!!!!