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     ((Unedited Video response by Michael Sylvanovich))

    By Mike Sylvanovich

    Checked and published by “me


    We just watched a music video about metaphors being used in the future and the past. In Iraq people cannot vote and all these solders are fighting for them to let them to vote. Everything had to do with life and death. The fireworks in the Five for Fighting music video means that it is freedom. The fireflies in the music video meant that the should be free and not caught in the jar it is cool to look at but they could die and then they would probably be extinct. 


    This is an well made music video.


    And I really mean that.


          What Kind Of World Do You Want?

          ((Unedited Video response by Amanda Sinderovsky))


                In a music video that we saw, I saw a lot.  In the beginning I saw fireflies flying out of a jar.  When I saw that, I thought of freedom.  A firefly out of a tiny jar going back home – where it belongs.  Outside in the open, wide, earth.  Flying free.  There was a woman from Iraq voting (they don’t do that now in Iraq).  Then there was another woman dressed in black.  Right now we are fighting in Iraq so that they can have the right to vote.  So people will die, but because they fought, they can have their freedom.

                There was a homeless person digging through trash.  Then there were oil cans being opened.  When I saw them both, I thought that it means Should we be paying attention to the homeless or oil?  What’s more important?  I think that we should pay attention to the homeless more than we do now.  I feel bad that we don’t.  some are still dogging through trash and it hurts to see that happen.

                There is a line in the song that says Should there be people or peoples?  It’s asking if there should be people:


    All people, different skin color and religion, together.


                Or Peoples:

    All people in different groups, different skin colors and religions all hating each other.

                This music video means a lot and it even inspired a whole website of short videos saying what kind of worlds people want.


        ((Unedited Video response by Robert Beatty))


    Robert Beatty 5/17/07

    I watched a video with my class mates and I thought how it inspired a whole website is amazing. I think that it was very inspiring. In the video there was a girl letting fireflies go out of a jar. I think that it symbolizes that everyone should be free to do what they want, but that does not mean that sometimes there will not be consequences. There was also an Iraq woman voting I also think that that also symbolizes freedom, but freedom of voting. When they said should there be people or peoples I thought they meant that should we work together, not argue. I think those are the best parts of the video.