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    What kind of love is the best kind of love?


    I think the best kind of love is family love.  I love my family more than anything.  My family would be number one on my Who Do I Love The Most list (if I had one).  I love being around my family.  I can talk to my older cousins about certain things I can’t talk about with my friends, I can talk to my younger cousins and have fun with them no matter what.  The youngest cousin I have is four years old and she really looks up to me.  I make her laugh and she makes me laugh.  My family is the best thing I have in life.

                             - Amanda Sinderovsky




    What kind of love is the best kind of love

    My mom’s love is the best kind of love. Mostly because she has all different kinds of love… just for me!!! From taking care of me to driving me everywhere, keeping me company, while always helping me and mostly loving me unconditionally above more. My mom’s love to me is the best kind of love!!!

                                        -Alexandra Stolz



    The kind of love I like is sports and my family. Like my favorite sport is hockey. I love that sport. And I love my whole family like my dad, mom, brother and sisters.  

                                          - Joe Kopania



    What kind of day is the best kind of day?

            Personally I think Sunrise on a lake. It just is mind-dazzling, it makes me just sink. Here is a phrase that I wrote in my best writing piece about sunrise on a lake… I rushed with their speed… to find a beautiful dock in front of a highlighted lake of sunrise. I stood in awe of the beauty.”  This is from a writing called That Certain Spot in North Carolina. Sunrise is an ingredient… to the best kind of day!    

                                                                           - Nadine C.



    What kind of place is the best kind of place?

    The best kind of place is when you get to go on a lot of vacation; where you can swim in the ocean.  Where the waves can attack, attack you when you are swimming. Like one time I was on vacation and I was in the ocean and a wave came and knocked me right underwater. I was with my cousins, Mike and Scott. We were throwing a football and when the wave knocked me down I hit my head on my cousin Mike’s knee. It was very painful to my head. But one time there was this really big wave when I was very far in the ocean and it knocked me down so hard that I fell into a pile of fish. When I came out of the ocean to go eat I was looking at my knee and there was a huge scratch. I asked my dad where did I get this? and he said when you were swimming in the ocean and when the wave attacked you landed in a pile of fish right? I said yes and my dad said that I got bitten by one of the fish. A big fish, a lot of fish, black fish. I had that scratch for a very long time. 

                                                             -Sabrina Yakubovich 


    What kind of….

    The kind of love that I want is the love of my family and my pets. They are so special to me and my family. The life I had is so great and so lovable. Love is so great and powerful to let out. You have to feel it first then let, let, let it out. Love can’t get better than anything else there is.

                                         -Mike Sylvanovich



    What kind of place is the best kind of place?

            I love my beach house, so I’d say that that is the best place for me. The ocean humming it’s calming tune. The sand, growing into a sand dune. My terry-cloth-towel kissing the sand. Me, relaxing, tanning, swimming……smiling!

    Now do you know why it’s the best?

                            -Nadine C.


    What kind of love is the best kind of love?

    I think the best kind of love is the love between a child and their parent or even the love between a pet and his owner. I think that those are the best kinds of love because if a kid is separated from their parent the parent would be sad and so would the kid would definitely be sad and if a kids or even a grown-up’s pet died or ran away the person would be sad about that as well.

    -Robert Beatty