• This year's (2006-07) kids wrote (and are writing!) autobiographical poems.  Check them out!  (They are unedited!)
    The template appears at the bottom, so you can use it (or alter it) to fit your needs with the kids you teach!

    Sarah Leigh Lamon

    Pretty, kind, and giving

    Daughter of Lee Ann and Mark O Lamon

    Sister to Kyle, Haley , Kristen Lamon

    Loves her family, friends soccer

    Who feels sad when people don’t have homes

    Who gives love and peace

    Who needs good friends and lots of love

    Who fears spiders, and ghosts

    Who would like to see all of her family members and pets

    Who dreams to be healthy and loved

    Student of  Mr. Frank Murphy

    Nickname Sarah Bear

    Or Bear

    Or even Sarie  Bearie


    By Sarah Lamon



    Eric “Sonic” Cruz

    Nice, cool, and awesome

    Brother of Brandon and Marco

    Son of Gisela Cruz and Silvio Cruz

    Who loves my brothers, soccer, and football

    Who loves Portugal, Benfica, and Cristino  Ronaldo

    Who feels happy when they score a goal in soccer

    Who feels angry when their brothers get on their nerves

    Who needs food, a house, and soccer

    Who needs games, T.V, and computers

    Who gives cards, games, and game cube

    Who gives popcorn, cookies, and milky cakes

     Who fears nightmares, clowns, and deep pool water

    I would like to see my Godfather again

    Who dreams of scoring a goal in soccer every game

    Who is a student of Frank Murphy



    Sabrina Yakubovich

    Talented, shy, pretty.

    Sister Gabby Yakubovich.

    Daughter of Angela Yakubovich.

    Who loves her family.

    Who loves her sister.

    Who loves Mr. Murphy.

    Who feels happy when she get presents.

    Who feels angry  when people call her names.

    Who needs parents that can kiss and hug her.

    Who needs kids that she can be friends with.

    Who needs a sister so she doesn’t get lonely.

    Who gives pizza.

    Who gives candy.

    Who gives peaches.

    Who fears ghosts.

    Who fears clowns.

    Who fears scary movies.

    She would like to see her great grandmother.

    Who would like to go see Russia.

    Who dreams of winning a competition in dancing.

    A student of Mr. Murphy.

    Sabrina Yakubovich.


    Saga Blomberg.

    Kind, friendly, giving.

    Little sister of Nils.

    Daughter of Kelly Blomberg and Peter Blomberg.

    Who loves Nils, frogs, mom, dad, and Melissa.

    Who feels blissful when around Violet and Buster.

    (My toads.)

    Who needs a fuzzy pet, friends, and animals.

    Who gives info to my friends, gifts, and silence.(If needed.)

            Who fears clowns, death, drowning, suffocating, and being pushed off a cliff.

    Who’d like to see Australia. (My dad was there and he found an orphan baby kangaroo. He got to hold it.)

    Who dreams of flying with big feathery wings and having a helpful monkey tail.

    A student of Mr. Murphy.

    Saga Blomberg.