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    Inspired by Wind Flyers

    Wind Flyers

    My mom wanted to be a good writer,

    a famous writer,

    a successful writer.

    All her life she wanted to write, write, and write.

    She still loves to write, but she doesn’t have very much time to do it. 

    But she does it when we are gone.
    When she writes

    she puts her thoughts

    into words,

    from her heart,

    through her hands,

    onto paper.

    But she never got to be writer.

    But she did something that she thought would help….. 

    She became a spy….

    When you are a Canadian spy you have to take a writing test in French.

    I wonder if that test helped her become a writer?

    She is writing a book.

    She wants it to be a best seller.

    It’s called the Beaverton Flukes. 

    She won’t let me see it,

    but I know it will be good


    she wants to be a good writer,

    a famous writer,

    a successful writer.

    She wants to write a book that will shake the world.

    It’s easy for her to do it because

    she loves to write.

    One of her favorite things to do is


    In the day…

    In the night…

    She does it when ever she can.

    Sometimes when we are home,

    other times when we are gone.

    She says it will be the best book ever written

    and everyone will know her and love her books.

    Even if her book doesn’t shake the world

    she knows something - that she is a good writer.

    It’s the way she puts her words..

    onto paper..

    and out into the press..

    that she knows…

    her book

    will be


    And if

    all of this effort

    doesn’t shake the world,

    I don’t care.


    she is

    a good mom,

    a famous mom,

    a successful mom,

    a perfect mom! 

    by Saga Blomberg



    My dad was a baseball player.

    A dreaming baseball player.

    A dreaming-of-being-professional baseball player…

    His whole childhood all he wanted to be was a professional baseball player.

    He went to the park every day with his grandfather (my great grandpa). 

    Ball after ball. 

    His grandfather pitched to him.

    He kept swinging.

    When he was  growing up he wanted to play for the New York Yankees.

    And so did his grandfather.

    Later on his grandfather got drafted in to WW11 to fight

    so he couldn’t play with him anymore.

    When that happened he still would go to the park

    and play baseball

    with his dad instead of his grandpa.

    He didn’t become a pro,

    but he did play softball for awhile.

    Sometimes in the summer he pitches baseballs to me

    and so does my grandpa.

    My dad didn’t just want to be a professional baseball player,

    he wanted to be a wonderful dad

    to me and my sister!

    My dad was a baseball player.

    A dreaming baseball player.

    A dreaming-of-being-professional baseball player.

    A magical baseball player!

    And he’s a magical dad too!



         by Sara Kernan






    Mark Lamon is a dreamer.

     He was a baseball dreamer.

     A home-run-hitting baseball dreamer.

    He loved to play baseball. 

    He would play in the park right near his house.

    It was so close he could walk.

    He wanted to play for the New York Yankees .

    He had a dream, a dream to be … the best baseball player in the world.

    Hit after hit, swing after swing, run after run.

     Then the best thing ever - he hits the ball… it goes all the way out of the field.

    Whack - the ball flies..

    Zoom it is far away.

    Crash it is out of the field.

    All is quiet.


    The ball is hit … 

    Home run!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    As his childhood ended he never became a famous baseball player.

    But he became something better.

    A great dad,

    but more than that…

    a dreaming dad,

    A home run hitting great dad ,   

    the best home run hitting dad in the world.


    He did not become a baseball player…

    He became…

    The best dad I have known in my life.

    By doing the same thing his dad did for him.

    And a baseball coach (for his son, my brother – Kyle)…   

    And being a good person.







    By Chris G.


    Mom always wanted to be a lawyer.

    A perfect lawyer.

    The best lawyer.

    Almost her whole life all she ever wanted to do was be a lawyer.

    At 11 years old her sixth grade teacher asked her a question.

    “Hartsough? What do you want to be when you grow up?” Mr. Rosanio asked.

    “I want to be a lawyer!” Hartsough stated.

    She was the youngest on the block but the smartest - and that’s a fact.

    She always wanted to do her best for people and help them as much as she could.

    Always student council and class president, the most excellent class president, and the all-time best. 

    In 12th grade her friend Patty was sick and she never missed a day of school.  So she went home sick early one day and the school said they would count it as an absent day, but Patty pled for perfect attendance. She was failing the case, but what do you know? Mom did it for her.  She won the case for her.  She was becoming a total great lawyer.

    My mom went to college for 4 years to learn  psychology, but I could tell and so could she that she wanted to be a lawyer.

    My mom always wanted to assist the D.A., but she did her best and made it to a prosecutor.   Next she wants to be a judge.

    My mom who wanted to be the head of court is something else…

    The most thing she wanted to be is the best mom. She says she’s not the best and is working on it, but I know she is and always will be.

    Now she’s the head of a courtroom and is a great prosecutor and she’s been taking me to movies.  She’s always putting bad guys away and helping our community.

    At home she makes compromises with me and my brothers about our punishments.

    Some of them are fair and unfair, like I clean the room and he sweeps. But it depends on what we do. Then she would say “Are you sorry?” We say “Yes.”  Then we wrestle and hang out. (I actually like cleaning the room for punishment because it is very easy for me!)  My sister will wreck her room and laugh at me and wreck my room. Also she gets me in trouble and says I did it while I was playing with her. Taylor (“Tink”) will make me take her out and play in the playground in my backyard.

    And then my little sister Tink will be wiped out and then my mom puts her to sleep and me and my mom watch TV or she takes me out to my friend’s  or the store and I have fun. So I hope you hade fun reading about some stuff as her as a mom.

    Mom always wanted to be a prosecutor.

    A perfect prosecutor.

    The best prosecutor.

    Almost her whole life all she ever wanted to do was be a prosecutor.

    She likes to be called “prosecutor”, not a lawyer.

    But I will never change the word “mom”.



    Author’s note

     I liked to write about this because it’s about my mom and I love her so much and always will I added crafts and stuff that she talked about I like her stories  





    My mother is a therapist.

    An occupational therapist.

    And a great mother.

    Now she is not only an occupational therapist, but she is

    A mother.

    A purrfect mother.

    A #1 mother.

    Almost all her life she wanted to be these things.;

    A dancer,

    A singer,

    A business major,

    A real estate agent.

    As a kid she would always dress up and sing songs.  She would sing Madonna (BLEH!!!!!)  and sing songs from Grease (her fave movie of all time).  Sometimes she made up her own songs.  Although, when she wanted to be a real estate agent, she never tried to sell anything.  One thing she did do, though,  is play house with her twin sister, Tanya.  They would have little dishes and dolls in the house.  They always pretended to be “mommies”. 

    Now she is grown up - and now you know that...

    My mother is a therapist.

    An occupational therapist.

    And a great mother.

    Now she is not only an occupational therapist, but she is

    A mother.

    A perfect mother.

    A #1 mother.

    by Amanda Sinderovsky





    First, lets start out with my mom.

    She is a good lawyer.

    An outstanding lawyer.

     A lawyer that can settle cases in a snap.

    She always wanted to be a lawyer.

    She loved to argue as a kid.

    She would argue with her brothers. 

    She also would  have arguments with her little dolls as a kid.

    When she was in high school, she even got told that she was a good arguer.

    She decided to go to law school.

    She went for a couple of years.

    She shared her first office with a girl named Debbie Carlotz. 

    Then, they both got in a BIG fight so she got a new office.

    She named it The Law Offices Of Susan Levy Eisenberg.

    Now she stays there and loves it there.

    And it is right near our house.

    She also got me a new recorder for recorder karate in the music store behind her office.

    She is a lawyer.

    A good lawyer.

    An outstanding lawyer!


     by Cole Eisenberg





    My dad always wanted to be an Electronic Engineer,

    a great Electronic Engineer,

    an excellent Electronic Engineer ....

    His whole life the job of the Electronic Engineer was waiting for him.                                      


    He used to play with the computer chip. He used to play on the computer when he was young. His dad helped him on the computer when he was little. He used to write stories to his dad when he was small.


    But he did not become that…

    He became a contractor.

    He did that because his brother wanted hi to join.

    So my dad did that

    He is a very good at it.

    He wants me to take over the business…

    But I have to learn how to do that.

    But his most important job is being a dad.

    He is the best dad ever.

    The greatest dad ever.

    The ultimate dad ever.


    by Eric Cruz




    Paula Schmidt 2/12/07


    My dad wanted to be a football player.

    A fast player,

    a tough player– in the NFL.

    His life was waiting to be spent playing in the NFL.

    He just wanted to play, play and play.

    It was a sport of tackling, running and passing the football into its freedom.

    He started playing football in 6th grade.

    Then he played from6th grade to college.

    And played 2 years Semipro. 

    Then my dad went to try out and see if he could be a ….

    Football player.

    A fast player,

    a tough player- in the NFL.

    He didn’t make it.

    He was to short to be a football player.

    I know his dream didn’t work out at becoming a

    football player.

    A fast player,

    a super football player- in the NFL.

    He doesn’t have to be a NFL player

    all he has to be is a…


    A super dad,

    a sublime dad-just being a dad.