This page will highlight some of the best writing in our class.  It will change frequently, so check our page regularly for cool craft!
    Updated: 12-07-05

    Orange looks like a patch of pumpkins.

    Orange smells like a bucket of candy.

    Orange feels like being scared on a Halloween night.

    Orange sounds like bats flying around

    Orange tastes like a pumpkin pie: delicious, warm, crispy.

                                by Lauren Shain, 2005

    "Bombs fell from the sky and scattered our lives
    like leaves in a storm: drenched, alone, and torn at the heart."
                                                                         - by Allen Say from Grandfather's Journey, recrafted by Sami
    The piece below was written by Jaime on 11-30-05.  It is incomplete.  She has included some sophisticated craft in this piece.  There is something we call a "Supersized Simile Reversed".  Her beginning was also inspired by the picturebook Celia Cruz, Queen of Salsa by Veronica Chambers (Dial, 2005). 
    As Jaime continues to construct and craft this piece we will post more of it!  Enjoy.
    If you want your kids to craft a beginning like Jaime's and the one in the Celia Cruz book use the template link below!
    Below is a link to a worksheet that will help you teach "Supersized Similes Reversed". 
    BEFORE you teach Supersized Similes Reversed, you may want to think about teaching "Supersized Similes" first!
    Below is a link to a piece written by Sami.  She effectively crafts a Supersized Simile in her Holland Memoir writing. 
    See below:
    An explanation of "Supersized Similes" follows:
    Another Supersized Simile Activity!
    While starting a separate writing activity focusing on memoir writing we noticed a powerful simile in Allen Say's picturebook
    Grandfather's Journey.  In the book's text the following line appears:
    "Bombs fell from the sky and scattered our lives like leaves in a storm."
    We decided it was a great simile to recraft into a supersized simile.  Each kid did the following things, among others: 
    *They gathered fallen leaves from outside. 
    *They personally listed 8-12 adjectives or verbs to further describe leaves (or lives!).
    *They recrafted it using three of the best words they listed.
    *They wrote an explanation about why they wrote what they wrote.
    Below are some samples:
    Bombs fell from the sky and scattered our lives like leaves in a storm: blackened, faded and tattered.
                                                                                      - recrafted by Steven
    Steven's explanantion follows:
    "I really liked blackened because two of my leaves had black spots on them and I thought it would be a good word.  My favorite word is tattered. I love the word.  I also chose that word because one of my leaves is totally beat up and has rips and tears and holes in it.  I chose faded because one leaf is yellow and it looks a little faded."
     Bombs fell from the sky and scattered our lives like leaves in a storm: melancholy, screaming with the wind, and tumultuous.
                                                                              - recrafted by Ryan
    Ryan's explanation follows:
    "I chose melancholy because it was an S.A.T. word and I was trying to describe how the people would feel.  I chose screaming with the wind because it sounds cool.  I picked tumultuous because it means wild."