• Council Rock German Exchange

    Our exchange students were in Ulm in July 2017 and will return there in July 2018 !
    The dates for the 2018 exchange visit from our partner school  are expected to be April 5-29, 2018 and our return visit to Ulm will be in July 2018!


    The German American Partnership Program (GAPP):



    Students of German may participate in our long-running German Exchange Program !!!



    Since 1984, HUNDREDS of CR students of German have hosted a student from our partner school in Ulm, Germany and have spent a month in Germany during the summer!


    See all the places you’ve only read about – Munich, Heidelberg, Berlin, Vienna and many more while living with a German family and attending a German high school!


    Many former exchange students have later attended universities in Bonn, Berlin, Munich, Freiburg, Marburg, etc. and have gone on to careers using the German language they learned at CR!!!




    Learn German the best way – by going to Germany!!!
    Website for our partner school, the Albert Einstein Gymnasium: