Below are some samplings of the different kinds of poetry we have written this year.  Explanations and activity sheets to help you try this in your classroom or with your kids will be posted intermittently.








    TEACHER'S NOTE:  Drew wrote this poem with inspiration from another poem that appears in Linda Reif's
    Scholastic Professional Book 100 Quickwrites.  I borrowed this book from Cheryll Black (she's the IST teacher at Newtown Elementary!).  The poem appears below in a link entitled "INSANITY".  The idea is to not really mention the sport or activity in the text of the poem, but give enough build up that the reader gets it by the last line.  This is a great activity to get kids word watching, word discovering, and experimenting with verbs. I had kids pick a sport or activity they like or love.  Then they had to write in their notebooks as many verbs associated with this sport/activity as they could think of - about 10 - 20!  (Verbs: jump, kick, tumble, flying, clap, stretch, have attitude, cheer)  Then they had to list places the sport or acitivity could be played.  (Places: buildings, arenas, schools, football games, gym)  Then they had to list body parts that one uses with the sport or activity.  (Body parts: arms, legs, stomach muscles, hands, eyes, ears, feet)
    The lists in (parenthesis) are from Sami's prewriting.  Can you guess what she wrote about?  Read her poem in the link below
    called "Sami's Sports Poem".






    Hit a homerun.






    In a stadium.

    All to hit a homerun.

                               By Drew Taub                 


    Author's Note:

    I wrote this because I like baseball

    a lot I think you should make

    a poem if you really like baseball.

             I think everyone should play baseball.  


    Below is a link to the template we used in class to help construct our poems.
    The piece below is written by Sami.  It is a poem that has some pretty cool craft! 




    Below is Jason Millstein's Tasmanian Devil poem!  Read it!  It is awesomely awesome!

    Jason's Taz Poem!!






    Reading: An Acrostic Poem by the

    Great Chris Zoubroulis


    R eflecting on your life

    E rupting your head with knowledge

    A mazing, funny, sublime books

    D rifting books that you can’t stop reading

    I slands, states, and continents are in books

    N ever turn back

    G reat for your mind

    Another Acrostic poem by Rashed!
    R eally fun
    E ducational for you.
    A great thing to do.
    D ashing through learning.
    I ntelligence from books
    N othing like a good book
    G reat adventures that you find in a book.






    Sweet Friends

    Sour Friends

    Helpful Amazing Sublime Friends

    Buddy Partner Companion Friends

    Complete Stranger Friends

    Best Friends

    Help, Help, Helping Friends

    Confidant Close Constant Friends

    Boy Friends Too!

    Guiding Friends

    Supporting Friends

     Don’t Forget School-mate Friends

    Last of All, Best of All,

    I Like Soul-mate Friends

    Sami Procz 11/7/05


    By: Edward Chiang



    R ead, read, reading sublime books

    E xciting   books and excellent book

    A dventure books and fantasy books are really fun to read

    D on’t stop reading!

    I t’s good for your mind 

    N othing beats reading!