Mr. Dan Smith (Third Grade teacher at Holland Elementary) came up with an amazingly amazing writing lesson that had to do with poetry, similes and color!  He and his students collaborated with our class to help us create our own poems.  Below are some examples.  (All pieces are unedited.)
    Below are poems from Mr. Smith's class!

    Orange in Fall

    Orange looks like the copper sun shining brightly.

    Orange sounds like Flyers fans chanting for victory!

    Orange smells like a fresh pumpkin sitting in a field waiting to be picked.

    Orange tastes like sweet candy corn melting in your mouth.

    Orange feels like a nice smooth ride in my mom’s sunset orange, metallic-finish, 6-seater Avalanche.

    Orange is like leaves falling on your street, a nice fire in your backyard, and the wind blowing sunflowers in a field.

               By Julia Termine (Mr. Smith's Class!)


    Joey’s Color Poem



    Blue sounds like the waves crashing.


    Blue smells like a blueberry on a bush.


    Blue tastes like a blueberry on my tongue.


    Blue feels like a turquoise puffer fish in the sea.


    Blue looks like a glass ocean.


    Blue feels like rough construction paper when you rub your hand on it.


    Blue sounds like a whale singing.



    By: Joey Bowers




    Green looks like a frog hopping with a dragon fly in its mouth.


    Green smells like a green clover.


    Green feels like fuzzy moss growing on a tree.


    Green tastes like green bananas that taste bad.


    Green sounds like a green parrot squawking.


    Green feels like a smooth green leaf.


    Green looks like a cricket hopping on a lily pad.


    Green sounds like crocodiles slapping their tails against the water.



    By Cara Wandling



                           THE BLUE OCEAN AND ITS

                                   BLUE CREATURES


    Blue smells like the salty ocean in the breeze.


    Blue feels like icy cold water hitting your body.


    Blue sounds like dolphins talking to each other.


    Blue moves like sharks chasing fish.


    Blue looks like blue lobsters snapping their claws at each other.


    Blue is hard like a piece of coral.


    Blue bites like a marlin.


    Blue tastes like tuna that’s on my fork!


                            BY OLIVIA GAMPP


    Jarett’s Red Color Poem



    Red looks likes the Northern Lights glowing in the sky.


    Red sounds like stars exploding and turning into supernova.


    Red smells like the gases burning in the sun.


    Red tastes like cold ice on Mars.


    Red fell like splashing in the wet surface of Mars.

    Red look like the American flag waving on the moon.


    Red looks like the burning-hot, crimson stars.


    Red sounds like fire from a comet shattering in space.



    By Jarett Rovner


    Maddie’s Color Poem


    Purple looks like violets in the flower bed.


     Purple smells like me biting into a plum.


    Purple smells like spring on the sidewalk.


    Purple feels like touching a ripe eggplant in the garden.


    Purple tastes like pomegranate seeds melting in my mouth.


    Purple smells like magnolias around the house.


    Purple looks like grapes on my tongue.


    Purple sounds like forget-me-nots singing a tune.


    By Maddie Keppel




    The Blue Ocean

    Blue looks like a dolphin playing in the ocean.

    Blue sounds like whales blowing air out of their blowhole.

    Blue smells like a salty ocean.

    Blue tastes like a juicy blue crab being eaten.

    Blue feels like swimming in a royal blue ocean.

    Blue sounds like a bird flapping in the sky.

    Blue feels like picking blueberries on a bush.

    Blue looks like a jellyfish floating in the ocean.

    By Lenny Ackerman