One day after teaching this craft Jordyn Tannenbaum came in excitedly excited to show a place where she found the craft used (Jordyn - always reading like a writer!).  In Jerry Spinelli's novel Milkweed on page 67 she discovered this:
    "I did not return to the merry-go-round until the snow was gone and the grass was greening among the stumps.  I wondered if the man had melted away like the snow."
    This is an interesting craft that expands on the Power of Three!
    Below Ryan uses it effectively with onomatopoeia.  He also provides a quick author's note about craft!

    "One night my friend told me I would never hear the sound of the Easter bunny. But on Easter night I heard a sound chugging, pounding, and BOOMING!!" 

    In the piece above I used onomatopoeia it is. “Chugging, pounding, and BOOMING!!” It is also a bland bland bam.

                                                                    - Ryan Byrne (Dec. 2005)


    Below is a link to a worksheet you can use to help teach this craft!

    Bland, Bland, BAM Sheet

    Sometimes your students will write with a craft before you got the chance to even teach it.  Nicole Hannigan did something close to "Seesaw Sentences" in her family memoir this year.  Following is an excerpt that highlights the "Seesaw Sentence" craft.   Can you find it?
     "In the 50s in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where kids walked the roads from school to home, from home to school. There lived a little girl. She looked like a little girl, but everyone who ever met her agreed, she looked like a movie star. She is as beautiful as an angel too..."
                                                       by Nicole Hannigan, Nov. 2005
    Read about "seesaw sentences" in the link below.
    Below is an excerpt from Jason Millstein's memoir about traveling!  He uses an overused word like "amazing" and makes it strikingly striking by "adverbing it"!
    "Whenever my mom hears something about California she goes wild about it. We usually go there about every two summers it is awesome. One year we went with the Soufleris family - it was amazingly amazing..."
    This is a quickly quick and easy craft to teach writers. 
    Check out the link below!