• Halloween at Sloan!

    Group Picture

    The staff at Sloan gets into the spirit of Halloween!

    The day started with Tom Coates retelling the Tell-Tale Heart in a darkened room by candle light.

    TellTale Heart

    Reading Gravestone

    With teachers Tom Range and Mike Collins as guides, the students then visited a cemetery and looked at gravestones. The students recorded the lives of 4 different people and figured out how long they lived.

    Afterwards, under the direction of English Teacher Kinsey Finn, the students then researched epitaphs and wrote their own.


    Social Studies

    The students then went to Social Studies with Josie Helmuth and Julie Gartner and explained what was going on during the life of one of the people they had selected.

    The students then enjoyed a feast of Candy and Cupcakes during lunch! The cupcakes with edible body parts made by a student were greatly appreciated.


Last Modified on November 1, 2006