• Richboro Middle School
    From the Desk of the Principal 
    Andrew J. Sanko

    November 2, 2017
    Dear RMS Families,

    Happy November! Happy Thanksgiving! Over the last several months, I have had the privilege of getting to work with and to know the students of Richboro Middle School. There has been a tremendous amount of activities outside of the formal school day to see our students shine. Whether it is the family book club, field hockey, soccer or Spirit Week, I have been amazed (but not surprised) with the many varying talents of our students. Of course, I have also been impressed with the classroom work of our students. Visiting each room every day has given me first-hand knowledge of how insightful and articulate our students are. As parents, you would be very proud to see what I see each day. Students are engaged in deep discussions about literature, using the quadratic formula, building racecars and composing music.

    As the year continues, I look forward to the many more opportunities to see our students show off their individual and unique skill sets. Thank you for sharing your students with us. The team above is committed to each and every student. The sky is the limit for our students and it is a sincere pleasure observing our students as they continue to learn and grow.

    Andrew J. Sanko

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