• A Timeline of our Secondary Schools
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    The first Council Rock High School was built in 1954.  That building is now Newtown Middle School. 

    Richboro Intermediate School opened in 1964
    Richboro was the first Intermediate school in the district. 

    In 1968, the new Council Rock High School was built.  That building is now CR-North.
    cr opening

    In 1975, Holland Intermediate School was opened.

    The three intermediate schools housed grades 6-7-8.
    Council Rock High School housed grades 9-12.  The original design of the building had grades 9 and 10 on one side and grades 11 and 12 on the other side.  There was no pass-though hallway on the second or third floor to go from one side of the building to the other.
    As the suburban growth exploded in our area beginning in the 1970's, Council Rock High School became overcrowded.
    In 1987, the three intermediate schools became junior high schools.  Richboro Junior High School housed grades 7-8-9, as did Holland and Newtown.
    Council Rock High School became grades 10-11-12.

    As the growth continued, Council Rock South was opened in 2002.
    CR-North and CR-South now house grades 9-12.
    The three junior high schools became middle schools housing grades 7-8.