Honors Math 7

    Instructions for Accessing

    Textbook Companion Website



     From any web browser, type in  https://my.hrw.com

    Choose "Holt McDougal" to get to the log-in page.

    Enter your user name cr! followed by your seven digit student ID number.

    Your temporary password was given to you by your teacher.  Once you enter the first time, you'll be prompted to reset your password to whatever you choose.  When you do this, be sure and write it down.  Your teacher will not know your new password or be able to get you into the system.


    The opening page is called the "Dashboard".  From this, make your selections.  


    Student edition is your on-line book, and is where you'll find lots of help.  on each page, there are interactive icons to provide you help.  

    "Math on the Spot" brings up a video tutor to teach the lesson.

    "Personal Math Trainer allows you to practice your concepts.


    In the Interactive Student Edition, you can work on each lesson in a five-step process.




Last Modified on November 6, 2019