• Calculator Requirements

    In the Council Rock School District, students are required to have their own calculator for math class each day.  Students in Academic Math 7 or Honors Math 7 are required to have a scientific calculator.  A great choice is the Texas Instruments TI-30XIIS.  This calculator comes in a variety of fun colors and should cost around $10.  Be sure not to puchase the Texas Instruments TI-30XA ( with yellow second functions and a yellow 2nd button).  This is an older model and not student friendly in the way that the newer models are.  When students begin their first year in Algebra - regardless of whether they are in middle school or high school, they must have a graphing calculator for class.  Texas Instruments models TI-83, TI-83 Plus, TI-84, TI-84 Plus, or TI-84 Silver are all great choices.  The higher the number ( and price ) the more memory they hold.  Please do not purchase a model number higher than an 84.  They are not as user friendly, and some are not permitted in class or on standardized exams.  Council Rock teachers are all using these Texas Instruments models in their classrooms.  The district assures you that this will be the calculator that your son or daughter will use throughout their years with us. 
    Please email me at agensbauer@crsd.org if you have questions about calculators.

    Calcualtor Man


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Last Modified on September 8, 2014