• 8th Grade Nutrition Topics

    Current research is continually adding to our knowledge of the nutrients in foods and how they are used by the body.  The purpose of this assignment is to increase your ability to read and understand information about a topic in nutrition and to speak about it.


    Select an article about a topic in nutrition which interests you.  Read the article and prepare a 1-2 minute speech about your article.  You must turn in a copy of the article to me on the day of the presentation. 


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  • 7th Grade Fruit Research Project


    -          Research a fruit that will be chosen in class.

    -          Create a visual of your fruit that will be presented to the class.

    -          Use this worksheet to gather information about your fruit.

    -          Bring in a food sample of that fruit that can be shared with the class.

    -          Have fun with this project.


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Last Modified on June 18, 2014