•  *7th grade Distance Learning can be found in Google Classroom. Email hgershman@crsd.org if you did not receive an email or an invitation to join.

    7th Grade Overview

    The Information Technology seventh grade course is designed to review and reinforce technology skills and knowledge of students acquired at the elementary level. Students in the seventh grade course will expand their knowledge and expertise through a more formal study of computer operating systems, the Internet, and contemporary computer applications. Click here to access Ericom.


    Information Technology studies will include:

    • Word Processing (Microsoft Word)
    • Spreadsheets Microsoft (Excel)
    • Presentation Graphics (Microsoft PowerPoint)
    • Internet Safety - Cyberbullying
    • Digital Citizenship


    Word processing is emphasized. Students will also explore the use of the computer network to access various research and curriculum-based programs needed for integrated curricular projects.


    Each student will receive a username and password with which to log on to the Ericom network system. This will allow the students access to the full educational network of programs and research databases. Ericom also allows for remote access to the system via an Internet connection.



    The study of Word will include creating documents to learn and reinforce the use of font style, size, and color changes, page layout options, spell check and the use of the thesaurus. We will navigate the icon toolbars as well as the pull-down menus. Will also study graphics, clip art, word art, and digital images, tables, column layouts, borders and shading, indents, spacing, as well as mail merge.
    Projects in Word:
    Friendly Letter
    Business Letter
    Create a Restaurant Menu


    Excel will include designing spreadsheets with text labels and data formatting skills. Data will be entered and formatted. We will study the generating of formulas to calculate data. Students will select and format the appropriate chart type to represent the collected data.
    Project in Excel:
    Develop a Budget for Class Part


    In PowerPoint students will design slides using the features of: layout design, background styles, design styles, graphics, and text boxes. Slides will be incorporated in slide show presentations that will take advantage of these and other more advanced features such as custom animation, slide transition effects, action buttons, and sound.


    It is the intent that students will use the programs available to them in integrated curricular projects to enhance their educational experience.
    Projects in PowerPoint:
    Create a hyperlinked quiz

     (A classroom set of headphones is provided. Students may bring in their own headphones at their own risk. NMS will not be responsible for lost or stolen  headphones.)