• 8th Grade Health
    Eighth Grade Health Class continually promotes a Healthy Life Style.

    8th Grade Health                                                                                 

    Mr. Lonergan

    Holland Middle School Room E238


                *Your goal in each marking period should be to obtain all possible points. These points are earned by completing a variety of assessments. The total number of points possible will vary with the marking period and the unit of study.



                 *The 8th grade health curriculum will cover the following topics: Values/Decision Making/Goal Setting, Drugs/Abused Substances, Consumer Health, First Aid, and Communications/ Relationships. By using various teaching strategies, in the aforementioned areas, learners will not only gain knowledge, but valuable decision making skills that will enable them to make informed decisions. This will contribute to them leading healthy, productive lifestyles.


    Grades Generated by Two Sources:


    *Written work - Tests, quizzes, worksheets, projects, reactions, and class work.


    *Participation – A participation grade will be given to each student after every class. The grades are as follows:


    5 points = Actively participates, works diligently, cooperates with others, no     warnings.


    3 points = One warning maximum about staying on task or disruptive behavior during class.


    0 points = Disruptive behavior, multiple warnings (detention), not participating, not working, not cooperating with others.


    *All participation grades are based on the total number of points the student earns during the marking period (a maximum of 5 points per class period can be earned).



    Make-up/Missed Work:

                *You are given two weeks from the due date to make up any assignments, quizzes, or tests.  Work that is not made up will be recorded as a zero.


    Contact Information: clonergan@crsd.org